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No horoscope of 40 lakh vehicles in Punjab, criminals fearless

Vivek Sharma / Trinew
Chandigarh, June 2 There have been heart-wrenching incidents in Punjab in the last three-four days. Be it the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala or the robbery and murder of a young man by stopping the bus in broad daylight in Ludhiana. Fake number plates have been used in all crimes. In addition, the vehicles were fitted with black glasses, due to which criminals are out of reach of the police. There are 40 lakh such vehicles in Punjab, whose kundli is not with the police and the transport department.

For this, Dr. Kamal Soi, a member of the National Road Safety Council, Ministry of Road and Transport, Government of India, has held the Punjab Government responsible. He has run Mission Safe Punjab. Soi revealed in a press conference in Chandigarh that the Punjab government is not following the orders of the Supreme Court. High Security Number Plate (HSRP) is not being used in vehicles in Punjab. Vehicles are being used in most of the crimes, but due to having fake number plates, criminals easily escape. At present, there are 40 lakh such vehicles in Punjab, which do not have high security number plates, which is giving rise to incidents. If all vehicles have HSRP then criminals can be stopped. But the Punjab Police and the Transport Department are asleep. Despite such major incidents in three days, the police did not crack down on such drivers who had installed HSRP number plates. Vehicles have fancy numbers. The miscreants are committing crimes by putting black glasses in the vehicles. Number plate installation shops are open everywhere in Punjab, which need to be closed immediately.

Criminals have no fear of law Dr. Kamal Soi said that the miscreants do not fear the law. Punjab Police is not taking action on vehicles running without fancy numbers, black glass, high security number plates. VIP culture prevails here. CCTV cameras are definitely installed in the big cities of Punjab, but due to the lack of high security number plates in the vehicles, they are not tracked and the miscreants escape easily. With HSRP installed, the data of vehicles gets recorded in the control room and it becomes difficult to commit crime. He said that according to the records of the Punjab government, in 23 to 25 percent of the accidents, the drivers are not caught and the police end the case by making a hit and run case. These vehicles do not have HSRP and it does not come on record.

Preparing to go to High Court to save Punjab Soi said that if the Punjab government does not follow the orders of the Supreme Court soon. He will go to the High Court for strict enforcement of traffic rules. The Punjab government only understands the point of the court. He said that there should be rule of law in the state. Soi said that he wanted to meet the Transport Minister of Punjab regarding the high security number plate, but he did not get it. Talks were held with the higher officials of the Transport Department, but they are scared, they are not in a position to say anything. He definitely said that soon high security number plates will be installed in the entire state.

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