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‘No clapping, shouting or standing’: Korea’s restrictions on BTS concerts

This week the bts comeback to the stages in South Korea after two and a half years of absence it had represented great news for the korean ARMY, that you could see your favorite band live. However, they will not be able to clap, stand or shout thanks to COVID protocols of his country.

Big Hit Musicthe company behind the band, published a statement for all those BTS fans specifying that: “Loud cheering, shouting, chanting and standing up during ‘BTS Permission To Dance On Stage – Seoul’ is strictly prohibited from according to government guidelines,” according to Variety.

“Seating for the in-person performance will meet the space guidelines required by the local government performance venue COVID-19 control measures. The event may be changed or canceled depending on the level of social distancing”, added the text issued by Big Hit.

On the other hand, the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has limited each show to 15,000 attendees per night, despite the fact that the stadium has the capacity to hold up to 70 thousand people.

So… what can be done at BTS concerts in Korea?

The attendees to any of the shows that will take place in the Jamsil Olympic Stadiumin Seoul this March 12 or 13 (the first date was held on March 10) will receive a device that will emulate the applause and noise of the public.

In this way, they seek to create a safe environment for the Korean ARMY who attends one of their concerts. idolsas these will be the first to take place since before the pandemic in South Korea.

BTS ‘Permission To Dance On Stage – Seoul’: The broadcast

With a post on his Twitter account, the boy band announced on February 16 that they will broadcast Permission To Dance On Stange-Seoula concert that will take place in South Korea but that will be enjoyed by all the ARMY in the world (or at least a good part).

Fortunately for the fandom Mexicanthe event will arrive through the Cinépolis screens this March 12, where there will be two schedules of transmission: 12:00 p.m. for the delayed live performance, and 4:00 p.m. for the repeat show.

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