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Niurka Marcos reveals in “The House of Celebrities” that she had a relationship with Osvaldo Ríos

The wait is over. At 7:00 pm yesterday, the Venezuelan presenter and actress Alicia Machado turned on the lights “The house of the famous” to receive 17 new inhabitants who promise -for the next 3 months- to fill Hispanic television with drama, emotion and adrenaline.

Like last year, led by Hector Sandarti Y Jimena Gallegothe reality show of Telemundo This season has stars like the controversial Niurka Marcosthe iconic cheerleader Laura Bozzothe popular businesswoman Mayeli Alonsothe renowned choreographer Tony Costa and the veteran Puerto Rican actor Osvaldo Rios. To the surprise of many, the meeting of the celebrities ran in an orderly manner and even had its sentimental touches.

The night started with a sad scene. Marcos was disconsolate when her children, Romi, Emilio and Kiko, came to the competition forum to say goodbye to her. That same feeling the Cuban vedette took with her to the interior of the remodeled mansion and released it with a kiss on the floor before being received by her fellow inhabitants. The singer and dancer also shared kisses and hugs, including Bozzo, with whom she has had several altercations in the past.

Already with the structure closed and with “La Jefa” -played by the announcer Jessica Ortiz- in command, the host of the disappeared television program “Laura en América” ​​suffered an episode of panic when she felt locked up. Bozzo stated that at that moment she reminded her of the three years she spent under house arrest. Moved and in solidarity, the celebrities made a pact to help the 69-year-old communicator overcome her fears. Marcos is also involved in the deal.

While they went to the confessional to answer some formal questions, the suitcases occupied the visuals of “24/7” that the followers of the “reality” will be able to enjoy through As expected, the “little groups” began to form and the interrogations with each other.

And, of course, it was not going to be saved, it was the turn for everyone to focus on Costa, the ex-partner of the Puerto Rican presenter Adamari Lopezwho recently began a relationship with the model Evelyn Beltran. In the kitchen, while they were preparing omelettes, Bozzo asked the dancer when she was getting married.

Unable to escape the question, Alaïa’s father was brief. “I’m not getting married,” he said.

At 1:00 pm on Wednesday, some celebrities were still waiting for their suitcases loaded with outfits and belongings that they will wear day after day until they are nominated and they have to leave the house.

This edition, in addition to presenting controversial characters such as Marcos, Bozzo, Montero and Ríos, brought together two ex-partners. They have not spent 24 hours of coexistence and the revelations have not been long in coming. It turns out that the well-known “scandal woman” (Marcos) and the Puerto Rican interpreter (Ríos) shared something more than a friendship in the past.

“We already quimbamos (have relationships) and he asked me not to tell anyone that we had quimbas, if he throws the dogs at me I will tell him:, ‘no! Because you told me not to tell anyone. I ate it years ago,’” the artist joked about the actor. In a recent interview with the driver Rodner Figueroa, to emphasize that she is open to everything, she said: “At home, whoever is left, I eat it.”

Same, the actors. Yvonne Montero Y Salvador Zerboni They had a relationship in 2014, which only lasted a few months. Later, in 2020, both met again to work on the project “An angel in danger”, where it was noted that both surpassed the past.

“The house of the famous” is a television program produced by Endemol, version of the “Big Brother” franchise. The “reality” is made entirely in a house built exclusively for production, equipped with bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, storage area, meeting rooms and “lounge”, as well as a terrace, garden with pool and jacuzzi, gym and bathrooms.

The production uses more than 50 hidden cameras and 60 microphones to capture every space of the structure, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, thus eliminating any opportunity for the participants to hide secrets, alliances or strategic plans.

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