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Nicolás Trotta broke the silence and said that Alberto Fernández “disappointed” him as president

After several months without speaking, the former Minister of Education of the Nation, Nicolás Trotta, broke the silence and questioned President Alberto Fernández. He said that “disappointed“He said that he lost all kinds of dialogue with the president since he left office and also referred to the inclusive language:”It is a completely secondary discussion“.

Trotta first referred to the current situation in the country. He said that Argentina lives “a difficult moment, of anguish” and that he hopes the government can find a better way out of the situation.

Then, consulted about his relationship with Fernández, the former official recalled the public differences they maintained during the coronavirus quarantine, when attending or not in schools was discussed.

“Our front, with successes and errors, is much more important than the President. If I had to be here today, I would continue to put my shoulder, but not by the presidentbut because of the ideas that I think we should represent, that some of us have forgotten along the way“, he pointed.

In dialogue with Radio Mitre, he spoke about the effects on students of having closed schools for so long during the pandemic: “A first mistake was to suspend attendance in March 2020. We tried to support it as much as possible and we wanted to do it province by province, but there was such fear that it was very difficult to contain it. We were facing a stampede in which we could lose all authority.”

Nicolás Trotta said that Alberto Fernández disappointed him. Photo Federico Lopez Claro

As for whether education ceased to be a priority in Argentina, the former minister of the portfolio said that “the school must be given much more due to the profound inequality in our country”, and exemplified that the lack of gas in so many schools in the province of Buenos Aires is due to the sum of a long time of low investment in infrastructure.

In another section of the interview, Trotta again referred to the relationship with the Head of State. There he said that already during the end of his period as an official he had stopped talking and that this dialogue has not been recovered either now that he is already out of the Government.

“My disappointment with him is not as a person, but is linked to what we projected and what we are finally managing to deploy. The Front of All did not become a tool for positive transformation and I disappointed that the main person responsible for achieving this is the Presidentwho is the one who should occupy that role of driving,” he lamented.

Trotta stated that on some issues he feels that they have taken the wrong course: “The pandemic made everything uphill, it made everything difficult. In some aspects we have taken the wrong path. But one of the main talents of a government is being able to change in time, and with that I do have the expectation that it can be achieved.”

Nicolás Trotta pointed against Alberto Fernández

Nicolás Trotta pointed against Alberto Fernández

The inclusive language debate

Regarding inclusive language, with a great controversy that originated in recent days in CABA schools, he downplayed it: “I am against prohibiting and I do not use inclusive language. It is a completely secondary discussion”.

“In 70% of poor households there are no books and that is reflected in the education of children. Let’s go back to recreational reading in primary schools”, he prioritized.

“It seems to me that inclusive language is an expression that has allowed for very interesting debates on how we achieve a society without discrimination. The sender of the message is not always important, but rather who one refers to with the use of language,” reflected the leader .


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