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Nicolás Carrizo, the head of the ‘Copitos’, is prosecuted for the attack on Cristina Kirchner

Federal judge Maria Eugenia Capuchetti prosecuted Nicolás Gabriel Carrizo, known as the head of “the Copitos gang”as a participant in the organization of the attack against the vice president carried out Fernando Sabag Montiel and Brenda Uliarte, processed twenty days ago. Carrizo was prosecuted as secondary participant in the crime of qualified homicide, aggravated by the use of firearms, treachery and premeditationtentative.

Also Agustina Díaz was prosecuted for the same crime, friend of Brenda Uliarte.

Within the framework of the investigation, the magistrate determined that Gabriel Nicolás Carrizo took part, “providing his agreement and cooperation, together with, at least, Fernando André Sabag Montiel, Brenda Elizabeth Uliarte and Agustina Mariel Díaz, in the planning of the premeditated attempt to kill Cristina Kirchner“.

Regarding the attack of which the vice president was a victim, the judge stated in her resolution that Carrizo “actively intervened in the planning of the eventhaving contributed to its realization a short .22 caliber pistol-type firearm, which was ultimately not used to carry out the planned crime”.

Such a circumstance, Capuchetti continued to explain, “is clear from the messages between Carrizo and his stepsister, as well as with other contacts.

Finally, he was also charged with having falsified or participated in the falsification of disability certificates # 00026488-9 (issued in the name of Sabag Montiel by the Evaluation Board of Quilmes Ministry of Health of the province of Buenos Aires) and no. 0075849-9 (issued in the name of Uliarte by the Municipal Evaluation Board of San Miguel of the Ministry of Health of the province of Buenos Aires)”.

At the time of evaluating Díaz’s conduct, the magistrate maintained that the 21-year-old “agreed and cooperated in the planning of the premeditated attempt to kill the Vice President of the Nation”.

When questioned by Judge Capuchetti and Prosecutor Rívolo, Carrizo was read the attributed crimes and a series of messages obtained from an expert report carried out on his cell phone, which involved him in the events under investigation, that is, the attempted murder of the vice president.

Some of the messages that incriminate him were sent by Carrizo after the attack on his stepsister Andrea. According to that Whatsapp exchange, he maintains: “The gun is mine”. And then add. “This was planned for a week. He did everything wrong, he’s an asshole”referring to Sabag Montiel.

“I finish the job”

A conversation between Carrizo and Uliarte was detailed, in which the head of the copitos pointed out: “The fuck is over for them” to which Sabag Montiel’s girlfriend replied, “Yes, fuck her. I can’t believe there are people who still defend her.”

The exchange of messages continued and Carrizo told him: “And well, see how they are doing and the educational model they want. I mean. There is always baseness in the background. Envy and choreo”. Brenda Uliarte added to that talk: “Yes, a garrón. My old man is super peroncho and look what a jet and envious pedophile is. Like Christina.”

“The truth is that we are going to get ahead with work and effort,” Carrizo added to the conversation. The answer was: “If it works that way. Someone needs to go with an iron and hit Cristina with a corchazo”. The young man, far from rejecting the comment, added his position: “If not?” and Uliarte insisted: “Yes, it is necessary”.

It was not the only talk that the judge pondered. On September 1 at 10:26 p.m., that is, a few minutes after the attack occurred, Brenda Uliarte exchanged messages with Nicolás Gabriel Carrizo as follows: -Uliarte: “Gaby. Please don’t spread what happened, let’s play stupid. You don’t know anything.”

-Carrizo: “Okay it was. What are you going to do stupid?

-Uliarte: “Because otherwise we are going to fall everything in the flip”

-Carrizo: “They are going to investigate you”

-Uliarte: “I’m going to try to get him out”

-Carrizo: “We are all together. Fuck that cristina”

-Uliarte: “I don’t think so. The next time I go and trigger Nando I fail. If I shoot well my hand doesn’t shake”.

After the attack, the conversation continued and Gabriel Carrizo returns to the subject and asks: “Do you want to do it?” The 23-year-old said, “I swear I do. And the shot will not miss me. But you have to think about it. It happens that Nando does not have much practice, her pulse trembled ”.

One of Carrizo’s final communications about the attack shows that they were not humorous messages as he said when he was questioned.

Carrizo talks with a contact nicknamed Symme to whom he says “You have an idea of ​​what is happening, Nando tried to kill cristina, don’t say anything.” Given the ignorance of the facts, the young man and leader of the copitos added: “He wanted to hit her a shot at cristina, I am proud, that he is my employee, and that his eggs are well laid”.

Contact Symme responded, “But he’s going to have to hide.” It was in that instance that Carrizo said: ”Not really, friend I’m telling you here today, I think I’m going to finish that job, yes friend that bitch is already dead”.

The criminal plan against Cristina

In this context and after the attack, Capuchetti said that Carrizo “recognizes the planning of the criminal act by telling him that it was planned for within a week.”

Also, the judge said, “he was surprised when he said that the weapon failed, without being able to understand why, since “it was going well.” For his part, he acknowledged having made a contribution, with the delivery of a short .22 ” .

The circumstances reported “do nothing more than distort the character of a joke that he assigned to his statements, at the time of his discharge, which at this point is nothing more than a mere attempt to improve his procedural situation,” said Capuchetti.

The judge reproached Agustina Díaz for “having taken part in the planning of the fact under investigation, giving advice to Brenda Elizabeth Uliarte and warning her about the dangers that could arise.” She thus referred to the messages in which she suggested she get rid of the cell phone after the attack.

Likewise, “it offered its cooperation after the event under investigation, based on a previous promise, so that said plan would not be revealed.”

As a first point, “it should be remembered that the report sent by the PSA revealed numerous photographs of Brenda Elizabeth Uliarte handling the same pistol that was subsequently seized.”

The facts

The judicial resolution reconstructs the events that occurred on Thursday, September 1 after 9:00 p.m., outside Cristina Kirchner’s apartment in the Recoleta neighborhood. The sequence is already known: Fernando Sabag Montiel approached a few centimeters from the vice president holding a pistol “capable of firing” and fired the trigger. The shot never occurred.

When the judge processed Sabag Montiel and Brenda Uliarte, she determined that the young people “went to the vicinity of the vice president’s house”, and the young Brazilian “taking advantage of the state of defenselessness generated by the crowd, tried to kill the vice president of the Nation through the use of firearms, according to the criminal plan premeditated by both defendants“.

When detailing the reasons why the shot was not fired, the magistrate indicated “said event did not materialize for reasons beyond his control and from the immediate reaction of the people who were in the place, who managed to reduce the accused instantly, preventing him from continuing with his actions.”

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