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New ranking of mayors of the Conurbano: surprise with the leader and six Peronists in the background

Due to the (dis)proportion, the data might not attract attention. He leader and the six worst in a ranking of mayors of the Buenos Aires suburbs of April belong to peronism. In Greater Buenos Aires, 20 of the 24 communal leaders are from the PJ. However, several of the last tables were scored by leaders of Together for Change. Not anymore.

The survey was based on a survey of 600 to 698 cases in each of the 24 municipalities relieved. She did it CB Consulting Public Opinionthe firm run by the analyst Cristian Buttiéwhich is characterized by these district-by-district studies.

Clarion This Wednesday he anticipated part of the work. In that case, it raised a strong alert for President Javier Milei. Surely due to the impact of the adjustment, the only party in which he retains more support than rejection is San Isidro.

The one who broke JxC’s streak was Leonardo Nardini, mayor of Malvinas Argentinas and former minister of Axel Kicillof in the Province. Political fact: although he is cogenerational with his colleagues from La Cámpora, Nardini refers to the old guard: “Peronist of Perón.”

As for the bottom sextetthese are the communal chiefs of Hurlingham (Damián Selci), The slaughter (Fernando Espinoza), San Martin (Fernando Moreira), José C. Paz (Mario Ishii), Julián Alvarez (Lanus) and Gustavo Menendez (Merlo).

The 8 best

At the top of the table, Nardini He leads with a double merit: in addition to being a leader, he is the only one that exceeds 70 positive image points. Combine + 70.1% and – 26%.

Those who complete the podium belong to Together for Change. They come from different political backgrounds: Jaime Mendez He is a Peronist who dyed himself yellow imitating his predecessor Joaquín de la Torre; and Diego Valenzuela He is a journalist who entered politics with another converted PJ (Emilio Monzó) and then won two elections in Tres de Febrero.

Both have excellent numbers, although not as good as Nardini. Mendez ended up with + 68.9% and – 28.6%; and Valenzuelawith + 68.1% and – 28.1%. In March, the macrista had also led, exceeding 70 points.

He top 8 they complete it four other Peronists and a Macrista. The exception is Soledad Martinezthe dolphin of Jorge Macri, who took charge of the municipality of Vicente Lopez when the cousin of the former president joined the Buenos Aires Government and then revalidated his place at the polls. Martínez came seventh, with + 62.7% and – 31.8%.

The four PCs are: Federico Achaval (Pillar, + 65.7% and – 31.1%), Fernando Gray (Esteban Echeverria, + 64.5% and – 32.4%), Mariano Cascallares (Admiral Brown, + 62.9% and – 31.2%) and Juan Andreotti (San Fernando, + 61.6% and – 35.4%).

The 8 worst

As already explained Clarion On several occasions, local leaders tend to have a better (and sometimes much better) image in their districts than national leaders. Therefore, the most common thing is that mayors end up with a balance in their favor: more support than rejection.

The exceptions, of course, appear at the bottom of the table. Where five of the eight that make up the lot have a differential against. Are:

Fernando Espinoza (The slaughter): + 46.1% and – 48%.

Fernando Moreira (San Martin): + 43.3% and – 48.1%.

Mario Ishii (Jose C. Paz): + 42.4% and – 53.4%.

Julian Alvarez (Lanus): + 39.2% and – 55.2%.

Gustavo Menendez (Merlo): + 37.9% and – 57.8%.

From bottom to top, the sixth Peronist referred to in the title of the note is Damián Selcicamper in charge of Hurlingham. As a consolation, your positive rating outweighs your negative one: + 47.1% and – 46.8%.

The two that complete “The 8 worst” are Barefoot Paul and Ramon Lanus. The first is the son of the historic baron of Ituzaingó Alberto Descalzo and sum + 48% and – 46.3%. The other is a bullirchista who surprised and ended the hegemony of the Posse in San Isidro. For now, the neighbors see it well, but that’s it: + 47.5% and – 45.4%.

The middle 8

The central portion of the April ranking is made up all PJ mayors. Here the note is given Lucas Ghiof Hummock. As the table is ordered by positive image, it is ranked 16th. However, it is another one that has more rejection than support: + 48.5% and – 48.9%.

Mariel Fernandez (Dark): + 61.4% and – 35.1%.

Jorge Ferraresi (Avellaneda): + 61.2% and – 35.5%.

Juan José Mussi (Berazategui): + 60.9% and – 33.7%.

Mayra Mendoza (Quilmes): + 59.5% and – 37.5%.

Julio Zamora (Tiger): +57% and – 38%.

Andrew Watson (Florencio Varela): + 52.9% and – 43.1%.

Federico Otermín Lomas de Zamora 49.1 6.5 44.4

Lucas Ghi Morón 48.5 2.6 48.9

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