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New Meta subscription: how much will you have to pay to remove Instagram and Facebook ads

Instagram and Facebook They could be about to change their business model in Europe forever. According to a recent report published by The Wall Street Journal, Mark Zuckerberg would be considering offering the option of remove ads that appear on both Meta social networks in exchange for a paid subscription.

The proposal would have already been presented to the regulatory bodies of the European Union, and if it goes ahead, users will have the option to choose if they want stop seeing ads on Instagram and Facebookor if they prefer to continue seeing ads in exchange for being able to use both platforms for free.

In the report, it is specified that Meta proposed a monthly payment of 10 dollars in exchange for eliminating Instagram or Facebook ads in their web versionto which an additional $6 would have to be added for each linked account.

However, if you want to remove ads from the Instagram and Facebook mobile app, the cost would increase to 13 dollars per monthdue to the commissions that Google and Apple keep for each purchase made on Android and iOS, respectively.

Instagram set a date for the launch of subscriptions. (Photo: Reuters)

Now the decision will go through the regulatory officeswho will have to approve the initiative before Meta can proceed with its launch in European territory.

As for the rest of the countries, for now it seems unlikely that Mark Zuckerberg’s company intends to expand the availability of this initiative to other regions of the world, since the measure is aimed mainly at meet the privacy requirements of the European Union.

Curiously, the news became relevant only a few hours after TikTok announced its idea of ​​launching a subscription service that would allow you to eliminate ads from the social network in exchange for a payment of $5 per month. In the case of the Chinese social network, however, it is expected that the subscription service will be available in a greater number of regions globally.

The service to verify accounts, the first Instagram subscription

The blue verification check mark on Instagram, the icon that validates whether an account is real or not.  Photo: Instagram.The blue verification check mark on Instagram, the icon that validates whether an account is real or not. Photo: Instagram.

In June of this year, Meta Verified arrived in Argentina. The first paid subscription that addresses several key problems of Instagram and Facebook that can be folded in the future to the new project of the company led by Mark Zuckerberg.

The main attraction of this service is the chance to obtain the coveted verification badge, known as the blue tilde, without the previous cumbersome validation process. Requirements include being over 18 years of age, account activity, and providing documentation confirming the user’s identity, along with activating two-step verification.

By paying the monthly subscription, users get the verification badge, which is accompanied by a government ID, such as an ID or passport, for greater protection against identity theft. More robust technical support is also provided than in the free version, allowing subscribers to request help from a real person to resolve account problems.

Meta Verified It launched with a high identity standard, but the company plans to relax it for broader inclusion in the future. As for the algorithm, it is ensured that it will not affect the reach of the publications of creators with active subscriptions.

So far, the subscription price in Argentina remains at $9.99 for mobile devices and $7.99 when contracted online.

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