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New digital platform for the promotion and search of cultural events

The time has come for the various events and initiatives related to Puerto Rican culture to be made visible through the new portal CulturalPR.comwhich was officially launched this morning by the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture (ICP).

The new digital platform, designed in an accessible way for the promotion and search of events, offers the opportunity for cultural managers, independent artists, producers, directors, creative industries, entertainment businesses, universities, municipal entities and organizations through throughout Puerto Rico publish their activities at no cost.

According to Carlos Ruiz, director of the ICP, the difference with other search engines is that the process of uploading or adding information to this new platform has been democratized, so that from every corner and town of the island you can be part of the cultural offer .

“East digital dissemination project, will serve as a guide and search engine to help the people of Puerto Rico and all those who are interested in coming to visit us and learn about the country’s cultural activities. what do you know what is happening everywhere, for all disciplines and what happens every day in Puerto Rico through dance, music, theater, educational issues, university, entertainment and gastronomy, a little bit of everything”Ruiz explained at a press conference, highlighting that this project arose from an idea that was born in 2018 due to the great need that cultural managers have to disseminate and publicize their projects.

A simple search, whether from a computer, cell phone or tablet, will allow the user can find any cultural activity according to the category that interests him, including date, geographic region, location or through various categoriesranging from opera, cinema, dance, theater, cinema, dance, theater, literature, cinema, crafts, family events and nightlife, among others.

With this portal, the goal is that the artists who create culture, as well as the people who enjoy it, can get together and be a meeting point for both the Puerto Rican who is looking for something to do this weekend, as well as for the artist. that you have your first art exhibition or your first concert and you want to fill that room to capacity”, he expressed Mario Alegre Femeniasjournalist and film critic in charge of the editorial team of, who at the same time highlighted that the page will have a news area where they will publish articles about the events that are about to be held.

Similarly, those interested in making their event known can create a profile on the portal and submit the basic information of their event, which includes offering the title of the activity, its description, place and date, choosing the category to that it belongs to, include a photo and if it has any box office cost.

The journalist Mario Alegre Femenías is part of the editorial team of the new tool. (Supplied)

Along with Alegre Femenías, he is accompanied by two people as part of the editorial team, who will be in charge of receiving all the information that is submitted, to be corrected, and can be seen reflected in the portal in a period of 24 to 48 hours.

Likewise, this tool, which has the main sponsor to the Tourism Companywill have a store of handicrafts and products by Puerto Rican artists, in collaboration with Brands of Puerto Rico.

We connect what is Puerto Rico with our brothers who are in the diaspora, beyond selling coffee and sobao bread. We sell culture and people are hungry to know much more”, indicated Alan Taveras, whose Brands of Puerto Rico platform has been collaborating with artisans for three years to integrate them into electronic commerce. While Gloria Nieto is in charge of contacting the artisans to make this platform available so that they can sell their products.

“We give them the space and attention they deserve so that their products reach consumers throughout the island and internationally,” added Nieto.

For the benefit of tourists, the link to the new portal will be included in the platforms of the Tourism Company and Voy Turisteando.

We, who manage the regions, see how every weekend Puerto Ricans take to the streets, they are hungry to know what is happening, looking for where they can go and obviously they are also in great need of going to cultural events that, beyond that they be entertained, they also take a little bit of culture, that they learn, that they can take to their families, so it will be a totally useful tool in those aspects,’ said Carlos Mercado, director of the Company of Tourism.

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