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Netflix begins to warn users that they do not live together and share an account

With the number of subscriptions to online services that are usually handled today, the most common is to pay for one and share it with family or friends. However, Netflix, one of the most popular, is beginning to evaluate taking action.

Shared accounts are supposed to be used for people who share the same roof. But streaming services rarely handle these kinds of issues. Up to now.

Netflix started to send emails warning this type of situation.

The equation is simple: Netflix is ​​tired of four people using one account. instead of them paying all four.

For this reason, the platform had begun to send emails with notices since last year explaining under what conditions an account could be shared: “If you do not live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to continue viewing the content “.

It was a simple verification in which a code was requested. Haggling over this measure was as easy as asking the original account owner for the code.

Until now, the platform had been tolerating this practice but now it is putting obstacles, once again, so that the account is shared with family members, friends or other people who do not live under the same roof.

At the moment they are only notices but soon the penalties for those users who share the account could begin. Even, according to some Italian media, access to the service could be definitively prohibited to all offenders.

The truth is that, in any case, Netflix does not have the power to impose fines and it did not close any account that has been shared between people who live in different places.

But this 2022 the rumors are strong: the platform would begin to send these messages with verification codes to all users, so that they stop sharing accounts.

Of course, it is not a difficult limitation to overcome: with the account owner passing the code to whoever needs it, it would be solved.

In flood, but looking for a new “Squid Game”

The star series of last year. AP Photo

Shares of the streaming giant are down by about a 13% from its record of November 17, in parallel to the fall of the Nasdaq 100 stock index, where technology stocks have great weight, after the Federal Reserve indicated three rate hikes and a faster reduction of stimuli in 2022.

Concern about the omicron variant of the coronavirus has also put pressure on equities.

These forces have changed the overall investment outlook for the beginning of 2022, but what has not changed is the bullish view on Netflix shares. Wall Street’s optimism hinges on the company’s ability to attract new subscribers with the best content, increasing margins. and cash flow along the way.


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