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Negreira’s green folder

This is also why Rubiales had to resign. for putting himself in profile in the biggest scandal in Spanish football, for saying that Negreira had neither art nor part, that he did not command anything, that he was placed there by the City Council, as he put his uncle Juan or Sánchez put Irene Lozano in charge of the Higher Sports Council. yesterday, at see how the little lambs from the selection all came out in a row one by one to give birth so that the so-called feminist lobby would not bother with them, Rubiales shared a video from the TV3 series Merlí: the teacher shows a green folder to the class and asks that, when the next student enters and she asks, Because of the color, they say it is red; As it is rehearsed, everyone says that a folder that is obviously green is red and the student who is not informed that it is a game… also says that it is red. Rubiales said that Negreira’s green folder was red because, and before him, Tebas and, fundamentally, the Government also said so. The Sánchez Government has insisted all along that the green folder of the biggest scandal in the history of Spanish sports is red and Rubiales also said it, it is red. But, my friends, the folder has always been green. For saying that she was red, Rubiales should also have resigned.

The other day the Civil Guard said that, despite the fact that everyone, starting of course with the main interested party, who is the Fútbol Club Barcelona, ​​was repeating that the color of the green folder was redor, the folder is green. And today, and Miguel Ángel Pérez warned us last night, the judge has already said it. And here I make a small aside, I open a parenthesis: we will see how, before long, Joaquín Aguirre is looking for a relative from Real Madrid or they are trying to find a photo of him or someone close to him watching a game in the stadium box Santiago Bernabeu. It’s easy to anticipate your movements because, before them, the Stasi did it. I close parentheses. Her honor, who has been working piece-rate on this case all summer, has said something very interesting and has made a decision that is just as interesting or even more interesting. What Judge Aguirre has said is that Negreira’s folder is green, has denounced the existence of systemic corruption in the Technical Committee of Referees and, with these data on the table, it has concluded that any team from the First Division that has coincided with Barcelona during the years under investigation, that is, 17, must be admitted as offended (that is, harmed) by the crime.

But the judge has gone further. For example, has questioned the credibility of Luis Medina Cantalejo, then stating that it does not enter human head that Barcelona would pay Negreira more than 7 million euros for anything other than making a profit. This is what the judge says, what does the judge do? Well, Mr. Aguirre expels none other than the Royal Spanish Football Federation from the case due to his connection with the Technical Committee of Referees. Because? Well because, as he himself says, corruption is systemic, that is, “of the totality of a system”. Come on, the whole system is corrupted. All. And, therefore, and if the entire system is corrupt, the statements of any of its members are rotten because they are participants. The folder is green, but not just any green, no, not a lime green or a pistachio green but a green, green, that is, a grass green, one that can be seen from miles away. The little prestige that the Spanish League may have left is going down the drain. But, of course, Minister Iceta, who is free from sin? Well, I’m telling you, Catalan Sports Minister of the Government of Spain. Real Madrid is free of sin, Atlético de Madrid is free of sin, Valencia, Sevilla, Betis, Real Sociedad, Gerona, Rayo, Athletic Club are free of sin. Everyone can throw the stone because, let it be known, None of those football clubs have corrupted the competition.

In that Merlí video, the actress María Pujalte talks about positivism, which is that philosophical theory that affirms that knowledge comes from the observable and is objective. The Spanish League is dying, it is dying. All those who insist on saying that the grass green folder is red are killing it. None of them have credibility and, with their absence, the competition loses it. This is also why Rubiales had to leave and, with him, the entire federation, today separated by the judge in the case, and the entire Professional Football League. Do you remember, Thebes, how happy you looked singing that “it has prescribed, it has prescribed, it has prescribed”? If you looked like James Stewart at the end of It’s a Wonderful Life! Garbage never prescribes. And it always comes back. You have to recycle more and lie less. The folder is green.

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