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NATO and the US offered Russia measures of mutual trust

NATO headquarters in Brussels. / AFP

In a letter, the Atlantic Alliance assured that “we pose no threat” to Moscow and rejected the Kremlin’s veto of Ukraine’s entry into military organization and the withdrawal of troops from Bulgaria

In their response to Moscow’s demands, NATO and the US were open to dialogue, but firm in their decision to respect Ukrainian sovereignty and to keep the door open to its possible entry into the Atlantic Alliance. This has been revealed by the confidential documents sent last week to the Kremlin and to which the newspaper ‘El País’ has had access.

NATO and Washington rejected the Russian demands by letter, among which was the veto of Ukraine’s entry into the Atlantic Alliance and the withdrawal of troops from Bulgaria. On the contrary, they offered Moscow confidence measures to defuse the growing tensions on the border with Kiev.

“We are a defensive alliance and we do not pose any threat to Russia. After the substantial and unjustified Russian military mobilization, we ask for an immediate de-escalation,” NATO demanded in its letter. The Alliance went further in its response and criticized that no other allied country has a relationship comparable to that of Russia, which, even so, “has broken our trust and has put European security in check.”

However, the Atlantic Alliance launched a series of proposals in which it believes it can reach an understanding, such as transparency in military maneuvers and arms control. Of course, it concludes that the military withdrawal “is essential for there to be substantial progress (…). We will defend our allies.”

The US shows “good faith”

Washington’s letter is also open to considering agreements and instruments to discuss the concerns of the two parties and ensures that it enters the process “in good faith.” The Pentagon itself acknowledged yesterday the authenticity of these letters and insisted that their content demonstrates Washington’s commitment to diplomacy.

The White House similarly asked Moscow to respect Ukrainian sovereignty and human rights and put aside “its military offensive”. If it continues down this path and continues with its threats to Kiev, the US does not hesitate to state that it “will harden its defensive posture.”


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