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National Ballet of Ukraine will not perform “Swan Lake”

The majestic National Ballet of Ukraine and its director, Alexander Stoyanov, announced today that they will change the repertoire of their tour in Puerto Rico, in which they will present “Swan Lake”, by PI Tchaikovsky, at the Santurce Fine Arts Center , due to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

“The National Ballet of Ukraine since the beginning of the war has been trying to be as useful as possible to its people on its own front. During these three months, my group has done many charity performances: in France, Norway, Sweden and the United States. Everywhere we speak from the stage about the bloody war that the aggressor country is waging against us. Part of the money earned from each performance is transferred to help Ukraine. Next, we plan to perform in Chile, Peru, Argentina, then go on tour in Latin America, we start with victory on the cultural front. We want to warn our fans in advance that we are changing the ballet “Swan Lake” to “Gisselle”. Please treat this change with respect. We recognize Tchaikovsky’s contribution to world culture, but while the war is going on in our homeland, while people are dying, we cannot dance “Swan Lake”. We want to present to our audience the famous French ballet hit called “Giselle”. A mystical story about love that is stronger than death,” said Alexander Stoyanov.

The producers of the event in Puerto Rico, Famma Eventssympathize with the Ukrainian National Ballet given the situation facing both countries and the consequences that this conflict is causing. “We have decided to accept the change of the ballet work before canceling its presentation in Puerto Rico. We do not want to deprive the hundreds of people who want to enjoy this glamorous and special show. In addition, we wish to continue supporting Ukrainian dancers in such a difficult and complicated moment. In addition to the help donated by the dancers, our company Famma will contribute part of the income to the International Red Cross for the Ukraine chapter”, said Luis Guzmán, one of the producers of the event.

The production regrets any inconvenience this replacement may cause. People who have their tickets can use them for the day and time already scheduled, but for those who prefer to return their money, they can do so at the place where they purchased it, at the Santurce Fine Arts Center Ticket Office or Ticketera. Starting Monday, June 6.

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