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NASA selects first woman and first black astronaut for Artemis II mission

The 4-man Artemis II crew includes Jeremy Hansen, Reid Wiseman, Christina Koch, Victor Glover.

Space agency NASA announced on Monday four astronauts to send on Moon mission after 50 years. For the first time a woman and a black have been included in these. Reuters report According to the American space agency NASA has announced its Moon mission. After 50 years, four astronauts will be sent to the moon again by NASA. This time, among the four astronauts who will go to the moon, Christina Koch will become the first female astronaut appointed for the mission.

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With this, Victor Glover will be the first black astronaut. Which will leave with astronauts Reed Wiseman and Jeremy Hansen. This mission of the American space agency NASA will be launched in late 2024 or early 2025. Christina Koch, the first female astronaut selected for a Moon mission, is an engineer who holds the record for the longest stay in space by a woman.

She participated in the first all-female spacewalk. Victor Glover, who has been named by NASA as the pilot of Artemis II, will be the first black astronaut to be sent on a lunar mission. Jeremy Hansen, a Royal Canadian Air Force colonel and the first Canadian selected to go to the Moon as a mission specialist. Reid Wiseman, 47, involved in this campaign, is a pilot in the US Navy.

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