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Narco ‘means its hand’ in the 2024 elections: These states are the most vulnerable

Consultants on political-electoral matters warned of the intervention of the organized crime in electoral campaigns. So far in the current process 17 candidates for a candidacy have been murdered.

The most recent case is that of Yair Martín Romero, member of Morena and candidate for federal representative of District 16 of Ecatepec and Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico.

Integralia warned in its most recent report that in the 2024 election organized crime will intervene, like never before, mainly in the 1,802 municipal presidencies in dispute.

He pointed out that Guerrero, Michoacán, ColimaJalisco, Chiapas and Morelos They are the states with the greatest risk, since there crime groups have armed conflicts and there is a proliferation of illicit markets.

While Civic Datain its report Voting between bullets, assured that drug trafficking is the main threat to the elections.

He said that in January alone five candidates for a candidacy were murderedand with this January 2024 becomes the deadliest month in electoral matters during the last five years.

Electoral Laboratory highlighted in his Electoral Violence 2023-2024 report that June 2023 as of February 7, there were 50 in the country cases of violence, specifically aimed at influencing the electoral process. Of them, 33 were murders, 11 attacks, 2 threats and 4 kidnappings or disappearances.

He added that in In 16 of the 33 murders the victim was a candidate for a candidacythe rest are pollsters, party collaborators, public officials, as well as their relatives.

Added to the data from the Electoral Laboratory, released on Friday, is the murder of Yair Martín Romero and his brother Joan, on Saturday in Ecatepec. Both were Morena militants; Yair was a candidate. This brings the number of attacks to 35 and 17 candidates murdered.

The Electoral Laboratory specified that it considers for its accounting the cases of violence recorded as of June 2023, prior to the start of the electoral process, since the political processes were brought forward.

He indicated that Murders due to electoral violence have been recorded in 13 states. Guerrero is the one with the highest incidencewith eight.

In this context, the magistrate of the federal Electoral Court Felipe de la Mata warned on Thursday that the elections could be annulled due to violence.

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