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Nacho’s dart with Spain: who was it aimed at?

Spain won the fifth title in its history, winning the League of Nations against Croatia in Rotterdam. The Spanish team took the title on penalties, but to get there they had to suffer a lot and even save the night with some vital defensive interventions. Nacho was one of the players who saved Spain and he did it, again, from the bench.

When the game ended, Nacho spoke to the media and left a message that sounds like a hint. The Real Madrid center-back has been fed up for a long time that nobody trusts him from the beginning and that he always has to be the revulsive or the patch, both in his club and in the Spanish team.

“One more day I show it, that I am in an important game showing my face. It always seems that I have to do twice the work than any other player.”commented the Spanish international.

On the other hand, Nacho highlighted the importance of winning a title again after the one achieved in 2012 with the third Spanish Eurocup: “Simply, my hair stood on end because representing your country and winning a title is something that very few players can get, very proud to represent, It’s the best thing that can happen to you and today is one of the best days of my life.”

Nacho will continue at Real Madrid after extending his contract and it will be necessary to see the minutes available to the Spanish center-back and if he finally ends up having continuity in the white ownership.

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