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“My mom is dead”: children’s first words after 40 days of wandering in the jungle

New Delhi:

“I’m hungry” and “my mother is dead” were the first words said by four children missing in the Colombian jungle for 40 days when they woke up in a hospital. The members of the rescue team gave this information in a television interview on Sunday. The children, aged 13, nine, five and one, were rescued and airlifted from the Amazon jungle on Friday after wandering alone for more than a month. Two days later, he was admitted to a military hospital in the capital. In an interview on public broadcast channel RTVC on Sunday, members of the search team recalled those first moments after meeting the children.

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Nicolás Ordóñez Gomes, one of the search and rescue crew, said, “The eldest daughter, Leslie, ran toward me with her little sister in her arms. Leslie said, “I’m hungry.” One was lying down. He got up and said to me – ‘My mother is dead’.

On May 1, four children were lost in the jungle when the plane crashed. The pilot took off from Araracuara for the city of San Jose del Guaviare, but experienced engine trouble minutes after takeoff. The bodies of the pilot, the children’s mother, and another adult were found at the crash site, where the aircraft came to rest almost upright in the trees.

The children’s father, speaking to the press outside the hospital on Sunday, said his wife was seriously injured in the May 1 accident, but did not die until four days later, with their children by her side.

Manuel Miller Roanoke told reporters, “One thing that (13-year-old Leslie) made clear to me is, in fact, her mother was alive for four days.” “Before she died, his mother said to him, ‘You guys get out of here. You guys are going to see what kind of man your father is and he will love you the way I have.’

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