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“Mr. Cash’s Vault” welcomes summer with new games and theme music

The summer It arrived in a blink of an eye. Therefore, to get warm and received in style, “Mr. Cash’s Vault”of TeleOnce announced the integration of new games, talents and theme music.

“Arrancó el Verano” is a refreshing song, performed by the tropical music singer, Rubielformer member of mania group. Also, this season brings game segments such as “A Ciegas y en Pelota”, “El Tumba y Tumba”, “El Chancletazo” and “El Hippo”.

Through a press release, the program, hosted by Josué Carrión, better known as Mr. Cashrevealed that the actor and comedian edwin emilywill join the characters of “La Chachi” and “Doña Rosín”, who in turn will reach the beaches playing live games.

Last May 18, Zuleyka Mejiaknown for playing the character “La Betty Boricua”, He shared with his social media followers that he was returning to the television screen through the TeleOnce game show.

“Friends sending me photos that they were watching me on television today. I thank everyone for tuning in and supporting me. Some time ago I wanted to let you know that I was part of this beautiful team, thanks to the production, to you, friends, and God who has given me so much for being resilient and not losing faith. In the wait I put myself for myself and look at everything that has come. You are witnesses!” Mejía said.

The actress and comedian gained notoriety on television since December 2020, when she came to the program “Puerto Rico Wins”of Telemundowith her interpretation of the character of “Betty”, which she began to imitate the first time the Colombian telenovela was broadcast in Puerto Rico 21 years ago.

the vault of Mr Cash It airs Monday through Friday at 2:55pm on TeleOnce.

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