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Morena survey: 5 points you should know before revealing the candidate

The internal process to choose the Morena candidate who will participate in the 2024 elections has come to an end. It will be this Wednesday when the ruling party will announce the winner of the polls that will coordinate the movement towards the presidential change next year.

The selected person will face the current PAN senator, Xóchitl Gálvez, who was chosen by elimination to represent the “Va por México” alliance made up of the PRI, PAN and PRD. Movimiento Ciudadano is expected to launch its standard bearer in December of this year.

Meanwhile, some uncertainty has arisen about the steps that the discarded candidates of the cherry party will take. Most of the polls published so far point to the former head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum, as the virtual winner, however, the second on the list, former Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, has disagreed and pointed out certain irregularities with some polling houses throughout of the entire process.

Morena Survey: At what time will the presidential candidate be announced this September 6?

Monday, September 4, was the last day of the Morena polls to define the presidential candidate. The packages of ballot boxes were transferred this Tuesday from the vaults of the securities storage companies to the building of the World Trade Center, where the information processing will be done and the official result will be revealed.

The national leader of Morena, Mario Delgado, informed that in the process they will only be present the representatives of the polling companies and a representative of the National Council of Morena.

At 4:00 p.m. this Wednesday the review will begin from the polls and it will be at 5:00 p.m. when the leadership holds a private meeting with the presidential candidates to let them know the results before announcing them to the media.

The winning corcholata will receive proof of their victory on Sunday September, 10th in an event convened by the National Council of Morena. He will also receive the baton of command from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Regarding the latter, the date on which it will take place is unknown.

How will the counting of the Morena polls be carried out?

The survey counting stage began on the morning of Tuesday, September 5, as planned, when the ballot boxes were delivered at a Commission of Surveys reception event.

First, a physical inspection was carried out by the representatives of the Morena applicants; That is, these representatives came to check that the packages of ballot boxes were closed and registered.

“The representatives of the candidates can see the ballot, but only from the back, where the page is and where the signatures are. They cannot see the intention that is contained in each ballot,” explained Mario Delgado.

According to the leader, once the representatives review the ballots, “they are going to be deposited in a ballot box and we have to give them to the polling company that, with the presence of a teller of the National Council and a recording, the capture will begin. Each one, vote by vote, It’s going to be videotaped.”

“There will not be any representative because otherwise they would know the result before and they cannot know it. The entire review, audit and other process is in charge of the representatives of the candidates, ballot by ballot, but already in the capture of the intention of the vote, that is the responsibility of the company”, he indicated.

Regarding the incidents during the surveys, he admitted that “it must be said as is, the representatives of the applicants are not satisfied”, for which reason “we have a permanent incidents table where all these statements are being reviewed and we will go to further review”.

How are Morena’s ‘corcholatas’ polls going?

A national survey conducted by The financial between September 1 and 2, revealed that Claudia Sheinbaum leads Marcelo Ebrard, by getting support from 40 percentcompared to 28 percent of the former chancellor.

They are followed by Adán Augusto López, with 11 percent; Gerardo Fernández Noroña, with 10 percent; Manuel Velasco, with 6 percent, and Ricardo Monreal, with 5 percent.

The percentages are a weighted average of the results of the questions used in the official Morena survey, which gives 75 percent weight to preference. (“Who do you prefer for the presidential candidacy?”) and 25 percent to five questions about the applicants’ image and attributes. The study was carried out by telephone with 500 adults.

Among the attributes, Sheinbaum stands out in “closeness with people“, while Ebrard has his best grade in “country knowledge”.

In addition to these two aspects, Morena’s survey also considered the honesty and how much they keep their word, each attribute on a scale of a lot, some, a little or nothing for each applicant. In the EF survey, as it was done by telephone, each attribute was questioned only once, asking who of the applicants had that quality the most.

It was also requested opinion and knowledge eachhighlighting Sheinbaum, with 55 percent positive opinion; Ebrard, with 43 percent; López Hernández, with 34 percent; Fernández Noroña, with 33 percent; Velasco, with 27 percent, and Monreal, with 23 percent.

Morena survey: 5 points you should know before revealing the candidate

Marcelo Ebrard’s complaints about Morena’s polls

A few hours before the results of the Morena and allies survey are revealed, Marcelo Ebrard said he was concerned about the ongoing process.

On Tuesday, September 5, the former Secretary of Foreign Relations expressed his concerns through his social networks and announced that he would be in charge, together with his team, of reviewing the incidents and problems that occurred throughout the survey.

From the first day of polls by Morena and allies, Ebrard raised his voice and criticized irregularities, which is why his team of representatives, headed by Martha Delgado and Malú Micher, managed to extend the surveys for another day, that is say, until this Monday, September 4. Some of their complaints have been:

  • lack of tickets, ballot boxes and representatives of the six presidential hopefuls, who were supposed to accompany the pollsters.
  • Lack of confirmation on specific locations where it is supposed that the survey of last Wednesday, August 30, would be lifted.

The complaints about the absence of representatives, ballot boxes and ballots come after Mario Delgado announced that representatives of the six candidates for the presidential candidacy would attend each survey. in order to guarantee security in the process. However, Ebrard’s team considers that aspects are missing for the surveys to comply with the security promised by the ruling party.

Other inconveniences of the former chancellor throughout the internal process have been:

  • Alleged hauling of votes in favor of Claudia Sheinbaum through the use of programs from the Ministry of Welfare.
  • That Claudia Sheinbaum “broke the pact” by criticizing her security strategy, called Plan Ángel.
  • That some of the other five hopefuls they did not want to debate in order to present their initiatives.

What have the other ‘corcholatas’ said about Morena’s polls?

Deputy Gerardo Fernández Noroña responded to Ebrard’s complaints on social networks and accused him of prioritizing his personal interests:

“I’m very concerned that personal ambition takes precedence to the interests of the people and our movement. I will continue to inform you,” was Noroña’s ‘indirect’ to the former chancellor.

On previous occasions, Noroña himself has accused Ebrard for his constant complaints about an alleged charge in favor of Sheinbaum, adding that the former Secretary of Foreign Affairs still continues with the old customs of the PRI, party in which he was until the end of the nineties and left with the aim of becoming a deputy.

“I think that I will respect the result and that it will surprise more than one person,” added Noroña.

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