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More than 7 thousand newspapers and magazines, without a digital version: they investigate a possible cyber attack on PressReader

Some 7,000 newspapers and magazines – including Clarion– they were left on Thursday without their digital version available for several hours due to the fall of the platform PressReaderwhich offers access to the print version of media from around the world.

The incident, recorded late Thursday, could have occurred as a result of a cyberattack on the company in retaliation for the withdrawal of Russian media from the digital kiosk amid the attack on Ukraine.

The company, based in Vancouver, Canada, released the first version “a network outage incident It affects all sites and applications.

“We understand that this is deeply frustrating for many of our readers and partners around the world. Please keep in mind that our entire team is working very hard to resolve this situation as soon as possible,” the company published in a statement and on social media.

The printed version of Clarín, available at the PressReader digital kiosk.

This Friday morning, the company reported via Twitter that the service was restored. It did not mention any computer attack or vulnerability in its systems.

as far as he could tell Clarionthe specific issue was that PressReader had a network outage that affected not only their platform but also their emails and service. FTP, which is a protocol for uploading files (File Transfer Protocol). It is precisely the one used by newspapers around the world to upload their digital editions and have them published by PressReader. For this reason, for the end user, the service was inaccessible.

Possible link to the war in Ukraine

Cyber ​​attacks grew after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Photo: EFE

Cyber ​​attacks grew after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Photo: EFE

Although it is not confirmed that it is a cyberattack, the speculation was generated by the origins of the company. The owners of PressReader are of Ukrainian nationalitybut the company has Russian capital.

For this reason, since the elimination of Russian newspapers, several specialized media have risked a connection between the fall and a possible cyber attacksince many groups that carry out these criminal activities are of Russian origin.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, various actors reconfigured and cyberattacks increased.

PressReader, which offers a subscription to access media from around the world through its web version and mobile applications, has among its clients media such as The New York Times or The Washington Post, as well as local media such as Clarion.


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