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More than 3 lakh registrations for Amarnath Yatra starting from June 30

Jammu, June 24 (HP)Including advance passenger registration and helicopter tickets for the Amarnath Yatra 2022 starting June 30, the figure has crossed three lakhs. In this, crowds of Shiva devotees are reaching to get helicopter tickets along with registration in bank branches. In the advance registration process that started from last April, 2.5 lakh passengers have got registered in bank branches across the country, while more than 40,000 passengers have registered for the helicopter. Passengers getting helicopter tickets will not need to register in advance and their ticket will be considered as registration but they are required to bring a Compulsory Health Certificate.

Meanwhile, this time special arrangements are being made to check the health of the pilgrims on the Yatra route. Specialist doctors have been deployed from Lakhanpur to outside the holy cave of Baba Barfani. The process for this has also been started. In Jammu division, 136 health centers have been set up from Kathua to Banihal. Apart from one doctor each, paramedical staff has also been appointed.

From June 30, Jammu and Kashmir is now going to be devotional. For two months, the state administration is going to give up all work and deal with religious pilgrimages which have proved to be heavy at times. Among them, the Amarnath Yatra is considered to be the longest and dreadful, to which if the terrorists have geared up to damage, then the security forces too.

Many religious pilgrimages, including the Amarnath Yatra, take place in the state during July and August. Mostly, it is going to last for one to 7 days, but this time the Amarnath Yatra will last for 43 days. This means that for 43 days, the breath of the state administration is stuck in the throat also because the terrorists do not want to lose any opportunity to harm it. After 6 days there will be first official visit of Amarnath Yatra. The security forces, including the army, have taken over the responsibility of security a month ago. Thousands of CRPF personnel have also been deployed. Directly and indirectly, more than 1.5 lakh security personnel have joined the security of Amarnath Yatra, yet it remains a matter of concern because information and reports are saying that terrorists want to target it at any cost.

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