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More Channels and less Blondes

As the incomparable Manolo Esteban would say, the waters go down cloudy in Spanish football. And cloudy is little. The waters come down dirty, they come down impure, they are fecal waters. Today, on Twitter, javier thebes has fought with another Javier, matallanas. The first, as you know, president of the Professional Soccer League with the exception of Real Madrid and Barcelona; the second, spokesman for the Spanish federation. One day Mata jumps out at Tebas, another Pablo García Cuervo, also journalists from different media, today for example Jorge Calabrés, from El Español, has done it… And Tebas, who must have a lot of free time, gets into everything. And, as I said, today the show was given by the president of the League and the spokesperson for the federation. Mata has said that the Treasury and the prosecutor’s office requested generic information on negreira and that it was impossible to know that there was a relationship with Barça, and he has taken the opportunity to throw the first tantarantan at Thebes, whom he has accused of being responsible for ineffective economic control and of going smart through life. Thebes, of course, has entered the rag shown by Matallanas and has accused him of not knowing what economic control is for and, be careful, he has told him the following: “Rubi cannot give any control lessons until he explains the integrity of some matches when he was a player, Do you remember, Mata?” This, of course, has inflamed Matallanas, who has responded as follows: “Javier, while we’re at it, in the League’s annual Compliance Conference are you discussing the assembly that you held in Dubai from which you Did you go to Qatar? Nice trip. Leisure or business?” And Tebas, in turn, has answered this: “Rubi and you must inform each other how the compliance department works, everything is perfectly informed to this department as well as to all the competent bodies. Also if we make paella with friends after the meetings”.

It seemed that Tebas was going to rest for a while but then Calabrés, a colleague from El Español, came on the scene: “Hello, Javier. Compliance? Your right hand and audiovisual director of the League billed 500,000 euros with a television rights company that you hired years ago. Are you going to talk about this at the Annual Meeting?” Shortly and to the bottom, Tebas responded to the journalist: “You should ask the club where you work and pay you, since it was a delegate member of the League on those dates and also did jobs for your club back in the day. Everything is in order. The thief believes that they are all of his condition”. And to the latter, Calabrés responded by demanding a rectification because, otherwise, he would adopt the appropriate legal measures and, in turn, started a curious “thread” in which, among other things, he assured that the League spent 139 million in 5 years for publicity, propaganda and public relations: “The power of Tebas”, says Jorge, “is very great thanks to the money generated by the clubs and what it invests in the media”.

El Español published a document yesterday proving that Barcelona paid ten thousand euros to Negreira’s son for taking the referees by car from the hotel to the Camp Nou. In it the following can be read verbatim: “So that the referee is not contrary to Barça”. On Tuesday AFE requested the immediate disqualification of Rubiales and condemned his mafia behavior after lawyer Ramón Caravaca confessed that the surveillance of David Aganzo, the president of the soccer players’ union, had the authorization of the president of the federation. And today the Bar Association has wanted to clarify that Luis was confused with Juan, uncle of the president of the federation, whom Rubiales expelled from it after putting him in.

Well then: in this absolutely toxic environment, with the Secretary of State putting himself in profile if not adopting a more submissive stance, with the Minister of Sports around, I guess in China giving Xi Jinping the ball, and with Sevilla climbing the walls because more than five years later the Supreme Court has confirmed a sanction of the Competition Court of 2017 for some insults to Ramos, yesterday it was learned that Sergio Canales They have punished him with 4 games for saying that Mateu Lahoz sent him off premeditated in the game that Betis played against Cádiz. By the way, this Sunday Atlético de Madrid and Betis are playing. Who have they placed to referee that match? Well yes, Mateu Lahoz. In addition to bad, cool.

If I had to run a campaign to talk about our football, I would hide Rubiales, Tebas, Negreira, Negreirita, Soler, Laporta, Bartomeu, Rosell, Villar, Arminio and Franco and I would take Sergio Canales around the world. Canales represents the best of our sport. He is a boy who has had a terrible time due to his injuries, he has recovered, he has consolidated and now he is one of the stars of our League. Canales’ behavior is always exemplary both on and off the field. The guy is even handsome! Sergio Canales emerges among so much garbage, he represents the best of our football. When he hangs up his boots, Canales should preside over the League. Or the federation. Or they should name him Secretary of State for Sport. Or minister. Or President of the Government. Oh dad. I see Canales as Pope, I honestly say so. We should take care of the Channels of our football. We would have to protect Sergio from the absolute institutional mediocrity that surrounds him. If our football can be fixed, which is difficult, it will be through our Channels and not through our Negreiras. Cheer up, Serge. We are with you. More Channels and less Blondes.

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