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Moon Mission: Russia brought dust, China grew potatoes, India got evidence of water; Know – who got what so far?

Chandrayaan-3 was launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota.

New Delhi:

India’s third moon mission Chandrayaan-3 (Chandrayaan-3) is going to land on the south pole of the moon on 23 August. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will conduct a soft landing of Chandrayaan-3 on Wednesday evening at 6:04 pm. Chandrayaan-3 was launched on 14 July. About a month later, on August 11, Russia launched Luna-25. Through this, Russia started the journey on the moon after 47 years. It was supposed to make a soft landing on August 21, but the spacecraft crashed. After India and Russia, America and China have also started missions to land spacecraft on the moon.

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This race to reach the moon is 7 decades old. So far only America (US), Russia (USSR), China and India have been successful in Mission Moon. Let’s know what these four countries have achieved so far on Mission Moon:-

In the last 7 decades, there were 111 missions to the Moon. 66 passed and 41 failed. 8 got partial success. 38 attempts were made for soft landing on the lunar surface, only 52% were successful. America, Russia (USSR) and China are the 3 countries, which were successful in soft landing.

Journey of Russia (then USSR) till now on the moon:-
1. Russia’s Luna-2 was the world’s first spacecraft for Moon mission. It was launched on 12 September 1959.
2. On February 3, 1966, Luna-9 was the first mission to land on the moon. Two of Luna’s missions also returned with samples from the lunar surface.
3. Russia sent Luna-24 mission in 1976. Luna-24 had safely returned to Earth with about 170 grams of moon dust.
4. After 47 years, on August 11, Russia sent Luna-25 on its journey to the moon. Luna was to land on the Moon’s South Pole on 21 August. Before this it crashed on Sunday.
5. Russia sent 33 missions to touch the moon. Of these, 26 failed.

America’s journey on the moon so far: –
1. For the first time a human stepped on the moon through Apollo-11 of the American Space Agency NASA. On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first and second astronauts, respectively, to land on the moon.
2. Apollo 17 was the second mission of NASA’s Apollo program. It was launched on 7 December 1972. It came back to earth on 19 December 1972. This was the first mission to be launched at night.
3. America sent 31 missions to the moon, out of which 17 failed.

China’s journey on the moon so far: –
1. China launched its first mission to the moon in 2007. China has so far launched five Chang’e missions.
2. In this program, China launched orbiter, lander and rover to land on the moon.
3. China launched the first orbiter in 2007. The second orbiter was launched by China in 2010.
4. On 1 December 2013, China’s spacecraft Chang’e-3 made a soft landing on the lunar surface for the first time.
5. At the same time, China landed on the moon for the second time on December 7, 2018 through Chang’e-4.
6. Through Chang’e-4, China became the first and only country to land on the back side of the moon. The lander of Chang’e-4 mission is still working.
7. China sent a box with Chang’e-4, which is called Lunar Micro Ecosystem. It had many seeds including cotton and potato. These seeds sent by China sprouted on the moon.
8. The Chang’e-5 mission was launched in 2020, which brought back 1731 grams of moon rock.

India’s journey on the moon so far: –
1. India launched its first Chandrayaan mission on 22 October 2008.
2. Chandrayaan-1 discovered water on the surface of the Moon and registered its name in the history books.
3. Chandrayaan-2 was launched in the year 2019. Chandrayaan-2 had crash-landed due to software glitch.
4. ISRO launched Chandrayaan-3 on 14 July 2023, 4 years after the failure of Chandrayaan-2. Its soft landing will be done on the moon on 23 August.

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