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Montse Tomé’s strange excuse to explain that she did not speak with all the players

A few days ago, no one expected it but, 15 world champions were summoned by Montse Tomé for the Uefa Nations League despite the fact that a large part of that group said that they were not going to return to Spain as long as part of the current organization chart followed. “Yes, I have spoken with them, but that remains between us,” Tomé commented when asked if he had the players’ “yes” for his call-up.

Hours after her words, the players themselves denied this fact and today Montse has given an excuse to explain that she did not speak with all the players. She did so at the press conference prior to Spain’s clash in Sweden this Friday.

“No, this was not a failure in communication, it was in interpretation. I said yes because I had spoken to some, not all. In the same press conference I said that I was not going to say what I said, it remains within the professional secrecy that must be complied with,” Tomé commented.

On the other hand, the coach says she does not notice that they want her out of the national team: “The players are not having the best time and neither do we, but I don’t feel like the players want to kick me out.”

Tomé only wants to focus on football although he knows it is very complicated: “There are things that I don’t control, that other people have managed. There may have been a lack of communication with the players, but my intention has always been to protect them, help them, be with them and with Jenni who has had a really bad time. Like her colleagues and us.”

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