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Montse Tomé does not call Jenni Hermoso, but she does call fifteen world champions

Nobody expected it but, 15 world champions have been summoned by Montse Tomé for the Uefa Nations League despite the fact that a large part of that group said a week ago that they were not going to return to Spain as long as part of the current organization chart followed. “Yes, I have spoken with them, but that remains between us,” Tomé commented when asked if he had the players’ “yes” for his call-up.

She says not to summon Hermoso to protect her from the moment she is experiencing, but she does include Hermoso in the group. Patri Guijarro and Mapi León, who did not even go to the World Cup because of his refusal to play with Jorge Vilda.

This is Montse Tomé’s list:

Regarding Jenni Hermoso, Tomé has given the reasons for her absence: “We are with Jenni in everything and with all the players, The best way to help them is to be with them and listen to them. “The best way to protect her is like this, I have worked a lot with her.”

Now everything depends on the players, who will have to communicate whether or not they are going to the new coach’s call. “I trust that they are professionals, they love football and I know that they will be here tomorrow with us,” Tomé commented.

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