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Missile attributed to Israel destroys Iran’s embassy in Syria, killing eight people

A missile attributed to Israeli aviation blew up the Iranian consulate building in Damascus (Syria) this Monday and killed eight people, including a senior official of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. This was reported by a spokesperson for the Government of Tehran and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, while Israeli media specify that the attack was directed against a building adjacent to the embassy and do not confirm whether the authorship belongs to Tel Aviv. In the first images distributed by the agencies, a building reduced to rubble can be seen, in front of which the Iranian flag flies. According to Syrian media, it would be a property attached to the main building of the diplomatic complex.

The first reactions from Tehran have not been long in coming. A spokesperson for the regime has reported that it will respond “appropriately” to the aggression. Some sources have stated that the anti-aircraft defenses managed to intercept other projectiles, but could not stop in time the rocket that crashed into the diplomatic legation, located in a highly protected neighborhood in the west of Damascus.

The Iranian ambassador, Hossein Akbari, and his family were unharmed. Apparently, they were outside the diplomatic headquarters. The people inside died after the impact. In addition to Brigadier General Mohamed Reda al Zahedi, two advisors and five members of the Revolutionary Guard have died, although the regime has added that until the rubble is “lifted” it will be impossible to know if there are more victims.

Military sources have explained to the Reuters agency that the building has been literally “crushed” and that everything points to an “apparent and surprising escalation of the conflict in the Middle East.” The motive for the attack is unknown, which, if the authorship is confirmed, “would pit Tel Aviv against Iran and its allies.”

Since the early hours of the morning, Israeli aviation has carried out intense military activity this Monday. According to Hebrew sources, it has bombed a dozen Hezbollah “terrorist” targets in Lebanon simultaneously. Apparently, shortly before the missile fell in Damascus, a drone attack occurred against an Israeli facility run by an Iranian-backed militia.

General Al-Zahedi was the top commander of Iranian forces in Syria and Lebanon. Leader of the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guard, he directed the military operations of this elite unit in Syria and Lebanon. His second in command also died in the bombing.

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