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Misfortune at Ferrari: Leclerc and Sainz leave the Azerbaijan GP

ferrari continues in a terrible streak with its pilots and for the first time in the current season of Formula 1 Both dropped out of the race Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

So much Charles Leclerc What Carlos Sainz they were out before the middle of the race due to failures in their cars and did not score points.

First it was Sainz who left the competition on lap 9 when his car lost power at turn 4 of the Baku Street Circuit.

Leclerc’s car then started emitting smoke from the rear on lap 21; the Monegasque was the leader after the pit stops of the two drivers from Net BullRacing.

Ferrari is on a losing streak

The good start to the season that Ferrari had with its two drivers has been lost in the last five races.

In the first race in Abu Dhabi it was the two Red Bulls who did not finish the race due to power failures in their cars. Then in Australia Max Verstappen He left again and did not add points.

Those Verstappen problems were taken advantage of by Leclerc and in the first three races he added two wins (GP Abu Dhabi and GB Australia) and a second place (GP Saudi Arabia); Sainz also added two podiums.

However, now the luck changed and this is the fifth consecutive race that the Monegasque achieved pole position and lost the race due to a failure in his car or due to a bad strategy of his team. For the Spaniard it is the third abandonment of the season due to problems with his Ferrari.

“Hurts. We really need to investigate that so it doesn’t happen again. I really can’t find the right words to describe it. It’s very disappointing,” Leclerc told F1 at the Azerbaijan GP.

Red Bull goes back to Ferrari

Charles Leclerc not only lost the lead in the drivers’ championship to Verstappen, he was also overtaken for second place by Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez.

This is how the drivers’ championship goes after the Azerbaijan GP:

  1. Max Verstappen (Red Bull) | 150 points
  2. Sergio Perez (Red Bull) | 129 points
  3. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) | 116 points
  4. George Russell (Mercedes) | 99 points
  5. Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) | 83 points

Also the advantage that Ferrari had in the constructors’ championship was overcome by Red Bull Racing.

This is how the constructors’ championship goes after the Azerbaijan GP:

  1. Red Bull Racing | 279 points
  2. Ferrari | 199 points
  3. Mercedes | 161 points
  4. McLaren | 65 points
  5. Alpine | 47 points
  6. Alpha Romeo | 41 points
  7. Alpha Taurus | 27 points
  8. Hass | 15 points
  9. Aston-Martin | 15 points
  10. Williams | 3 points

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