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Milei’s unknown contacts, coincidences between two rivals and whistles for criticism of Macri

“All politicians are terrified because we don’t know how to stop the Milei wave,” said a renowned national leader this Tuesday morning in the large ground floor hall of the Malba at the time when coffee and croissants created an ideal climate for public relations.

There were minutes left for referents of the foreign policy of the presidential candidates debated in the Democracy and Development cycle organized by Clarion when the woman consulted by this newspaper implied that what she wanted to convey was that what overwhelms the Massista/Kirchnerista ruling party and the opposition of Together for Change is the social and media centrality of the libertarian.

By the way, many treat him and his people as the winner of the elections when, in reality, what there is for now, in fact, It is a scenario of thirds without counting the 11 million people who did not go to vote in the PASO of last August 13. In favor of Milei, yes, with an advantage in the polls for October.

Economist Diana Mondino, from Libertad Avanza, and former senator Federico Pinedo, from Together for Change Photo Juano Tesone FTP CLARIN JUA02422.JPG Z JTesone

Definitely in Malba there was talk in one way or another about Javier Milei. For example, when the general secretary of the Construction Workers’ Union of the Argentine Republic (UOCRA) entered the Museum, Gerardo Martinez, also Secretary of International Relations in the General Confederation of Labor of the Argentine Republic (CGTRA). Several approached him to find out more about his meeting last Friday with the leader of Libertad Avanza.

Series of talks Democracy and development - Foreign relations.  From left to right, Carlos Perez LLana, José Octavio Bordón, Diana Mondino, Federico Pinedo.  And by zoom Gustavo Martínez Pandiani Photo Juano Tesone ClarínSeries of talks Democracy and development – Foreign relations. From left to right, Carlos Perez LLana, José Octavio Bordón, Diana Mondino, Federico Pinedo. And by zoom Gustavo Martínez Pandiani Photo Juano Tesone Clarín

In that brief exchange of the guests to the cycle, it was also said that the libertarian deputy had contacts with the trucker leader Pablo Moyano, close to La Cámpora. Even more, “Although they deny it, I’ll give you the information, it was last Tuesday, before Gerardo’s. “What did they talk about, ask them?” said one of the people who came with “Gerardo” (Martínez).

From the mouth of the head of the UOCRA, it was heard that the economist Juan Carlos De Pablo was the link with Milei. and that both “They were clear that talking to each other was not losing their identity, neither one nor the other.” Milei, according to what she said, was interested in the unique industry fund for unemployment that UOCRA has and Martínez told her that to “Being productive must leave behind the resentment for agreements and parities”

Milei’s approach to unionism would not be news if it were not for the banner with which the deputy and economist won over his voters: the rejection of caste, of the political leadership with which he now flirts and takes advice – which in another situation would be the more normal – as his chances of being president increase.

The speech of two Milei references

By the way, that climate of institutionality far from the outsider brand that Milei forged was reflected in the speeches of this Tuesday of Dario Epsteinyour financial adviser, and Diana Mondinoeconomist candidate for deputy for Liberty Avanza.

Epstein, who is traveling to New York this Wednesday with another man from Milei’s current team, Juan Napoli – president of the Banco de Valores, and now head of the libertarian list for senators – said at Malba: “Javier Milei has a dollarization proposal concrete, but we are not going to dollarize if there are no dollars”.

In the halls he was full of civil servants, politicians and diplomats. The ambassadors of India (Dinesh Bhatia), of Italy (Fabricio Luzentini), of Belgium (Karl Dhaene). Then, locals, Gustavo Zlauvinen, number one of the diplomatic guild, the APSEN. Diego Guelar, Carlos Hernández, Mariano Caucino. From politics, Milei’s owner, Carlos Kikuchi, Gustavo Ferrari, Emmanuel Ferrario, Karina Banfi, Mario Negri, Silvana Giudici and many others.

Many spoke of the controversy over the act in memory of the victims of the 1970s guerrilla, which Victoria Villaruel, Milei’s running mate. And there was a moment of confusion. Some understood that the deputy and candidate for vice president of Libertad Avanza had requested that her security enter the Legislature with weapons to protect her from a possible aggression. But this newspaper knows that it was not like that. That in the midst of the tension in the streets of the protest and the protesting group K, the Legislature lowered the regulation and warned, “just in case”, that weapons were not allowed in the hall.

Another topic that was discussed this Tuesday was Sergio Massa’s meeting in Tucumán, on Friday with the governors. But above all ofl “great act of relaunching the campaign” of the Minister of Economy and candidate for president of Unión por la Patria at the Tucumán racetrack. Behind them are Juan Manzur, outgoing governor and former head of the Cabinet; and Martínez, for unionism. La Cámpora? They all agree “You have to deactivate it politically, they don’t add up, they don’t work, Sergio was left alone”they say

With more experience in politics and foreign relations issues due to his time in the Senate, Pinedo, however, had visions similar to Mondino’s: for example, the rejection by both forces of Argentina’s accession to the BRICS, in the rapprochement they want with Brazil, and in pointing out that Mercosur had to be energized and opened. But neither of them said what Milei, who is a breaker of the block, said.

Suddenly there was a moment when some whistling began to be heard. Gustavo Martinez Pandiani was speaking, a career diplomat who always worked for Massa from the Foreign Ministry. Since the candidate has not yet made public who his ministers will be, he always asks Martínez Pandiani to represent him on social issues and Foreign Relations. Pandiani left Berne by zoom this Tuesday, because the Malba date coincided with the presentation of his credentials as ambassador to Switzerland.

Which angered the audience was, on the one hand, that he lashed out at Mauricio Macri -who made him ambassador to Barbados for the first time- for the debt with the IMF, and later, his colleagues trilled when he said that the diplomats in the Foreign Ministry had an “excess of cocktails”.

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