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Milei is the breed and Massa is Cristina: the double strategy that Patricia Bullrich will reinforce in the week prior to the debate

“The foam went down,” says a member of the small table by Patricia Bullrichwhich sees in this intermediate time point between the PASO and the general ones a turning point that for the first time in a long time gives a breath of air to the presidential candidate of Together for Change.

The consecutive victories in Santa Fe, Chaco and Mendoza add to a positive balance, a change of climate, understand, in the week that ended, which confirmed the support of Mauricio Macri, generated an unexpected gesture from a key businessman such as Eduardo Eurnekian and In addition, it showed Javier Milei and Sergio Massa standing in a place where Bullrich wanted to see them, negotiating agreements under the Profit Law.

Attack Milei’s contradictions

In the talks he has with his team, Bullrich tells them that the electorate’s infatuation with Milei reached its ceilingand that may even recede next month if the libertarian leader can be identified as part of the caste that he himself repels.

At Wednesday’s CICyP summit, the Together for Change candidate took a strategic turn from the discursive point of view. She barely left the talk, in a brief dialogue with the media He crossed Milei and criticized him for negotiating positions in an eventual cabinet with Luis Barrionuevothe gastronomic unionist who organized an event to support the candidate last Friday, despite not having participated.

Bullrich sees “strong contradictions” in the economist in recent weeks and that is why he decides to attack what he sees as a weak point of his rival to enter the portion of the “not so Taliban” electorate that supported him.

Bullrich believes that Milei showed contradictions when approaching a sector of unionism.

Are you going to change the rules of Argentina and fight caste with these boys?“, is the question that he has been asking in interviews and that he will continue to reinforce. “It is a topic that is going to interest many people, because in the end, what happened? “You gave yourself up,” confides a person close to Bullrich about Milei and her ties to unionism.

Although the strategy for the debate still has to be defined this week, with constant training, In the Bullrich team they believe that Milei leaves spaces to attack him and obtain electoral revenue there. “He always goes over time, he is very theoretical and when you tell him something he gets upset,” summarizes his personality.

Massa and populism on the stick

About Sergio Massain the Bullrich team they assure that they handle numbers that show them equal, in a situation of the same technical tie by strength that PASO left. And they disbelieve the polls that show her as the third candidate of Together for Change, which they interpret as an attempt by the ruling party to set up a runoff scenario between Massa and Milei.

“Our voice was very muffled in the first weeks of the PASO, Patricia went on television and they asked her about Milei, Macri and why things had gone wrong for us. when ultimately Together for Change was one point behind the libertarians and one point above Kirchnerism. There was a climate in which Patricia was upset and she was all verse,” they maintain about this claim that they attribute to the Government.

Sergio Massa, Minister of Economy and presidential candidate of Unión por la Patria.Sergio Massa, Minister of Economy and presidential candidate of Unión por la Patria.

In relation to Massa, The idea is to identify him as much as possible with Cristina and the worst of Kirchnerism, where Bullrich always aimed in this month and a half after PASO. “Populism to the stick” is the form of headline they have about the strategy of the Minister of Economy to hunt for votes, replicated in a series of measures that they describe as part of the historical manual K.

The return of the vice president to the scene, after Saturday’s speech, also serves, they believe in bullrichism, to demonstrate that “Massa and Cristina are the same”, which is something that, they claim, the electorate of the provinces has been reading. “We have been winning everywhere, and above all, Kirchnerism has been losing. We must transfer it to the national level and we are safe in the runoff,” is the conviction that mixes a message of encouragement that we seek to lower.

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