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Milei against everyone: days of fury and a secret talk with Macri

Javier Milei brakes to do not stop. His new campaign method is to proselytize in long walks through the Buenos Aires suburbs. The car and the bus that take him to the suburbs that surround the Federal Capital, and beyond, have a certain district as their final objective, but not a fixed destination.

The candidate for president of La Libertad Avanza (LLA) lets himself be carried away but at an indeterminate moment he senses that he must stop. Then he demands to stop. Low. And it doesn’t stop. He walks. Sometimes he quickly finds the crowds milling around. And he ends up like he’s dunked in a moving pogo stick. Other times he starts the walk alone. It happened to him a few days ago in Los Polvorines, Malvinas Argentinas. He made the car that was taking him through the labyrinth of those streets in the northern suburbs, second cordon, stop. And he went down, braked, stopped but to continue. And there was no one. It was two in the afternoon. And he saw, Milei, a burger joint. And he entered. And the young people who attended the business asked him to take selfies. And he took selfies. And when he turned to go out into the streets again there were more than fifty people that they discovered it and went. And it didn’t stop Milei. And she walked. And he ended up, like almost every night of his, lying in bed, his legs sore, full of bruises because he says they touch him and squeeze him in those caravans. And so he will continue during these last three weeks of the campaign before Sunday, August 12.

That day it will be known how many votes he will obtain in the election of the Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory Primaries (PASO), the candidate who returned to his days of fury, El León, calls himself.

As in its best times, once again charge against everyone. Last week he brutally criticized, and he swears finally, the leader of Together for Change with whom he had the best affinity, Patricia Bullrich, whom he accused of having set up “operations” against her. He included the advance of strangers who rebuked him when the act for the anniversary of the attack on AMIA ended, a plot in which he linked a Clarín journalist. This newspaper confirms that it was not part of an event that did happen: those anonymous people on the street. Beyond that, Milei swears that other insults she received on other tours were prompted by pre-candidates for council on Bullrich’s lists. He also identified his former ally as a promoter of false versions about escraches that he did not suffer. In addition, she affirmed that it was because of her that some of the complaints were motorized in the courts in a case in which her political space is being investigated, she sold positions on the lists of pre-candidates on the LLA ballots.

Until this week, Milei defended Bullrich over the rest of the opposition candidates. Not anymore. “His ambition for power has made him cross lines that I never thought would happen,” he got angry in an interview with A24.

For Milei, Bullrich became part of “the caste”. His verbal rage against the other presidential candidate of Together for Change, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, continues.

Milei goes against everyone. Bullrich, Rodriguez Larreta. And also against the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, whom he challenged to debate the economy at Luna Park, that temple of boxing. And it doesn’t stop there, Milei. She declares that one of her most important former advisors, today her detractor, Carlos Maslatón, denounces him for political reasons.

Milei, however, did not break ties with Together for Change. Secretly, he maintains dialogues with Mauricio Macri.

According to qualified sources who work with the libertarian, before Milei criticized Bullrich before public opinion, He contacted the former president to warn him of what had happened to himhe would have listed alleged evidence that would support his actions, and warned him how he would react.

Macri listened to him, worried. He knew that his coalition would suffer Milei’s surprise attack in an unexpected place. but he had the guarantee that he would not be the target of the opponent’s lacerating tongue that baffles everyone and causes negative reactions in different social actors of national public life.

The cordial relationship with Macri is an asset to boths. In the event that Milei, or that Together for Change, needed to form an underground or public ally to join forces against the candidate of the PJ and the Kirchners, Sergio Massa, only the two of them could seal that potential agreement. That scenario is a uchronia. Something that did not happen. But what could happen? Milei would never agree to join forces with “the Breed,” but the dynamics of politics could bring about that outcome without collateral damage to both.

miley he lost fifteen kilos. In addition to walking and walking in the campaign, he is prevented from eating anything on the go, even if it is typical invitations to the passage of his followers. He is allergic to various foods.

And also, and above all, forced to abandon a habit of consuming high calories. he doesn’t drink so much anymore “Crazy Handle”. This is the name of the flavor of a well-known energy drink that he likes the most. I drank several cans a day. They have high sugar content. He left the “Crazy Mango”, Milei. Although it is still stocked with several packs of that drink.

He takes them in the motorhome in which he travels through the interior of Buenos Aires.

Now he added a micro plotted with his face.

It is the “Milemobile”.

In the last month, Milei seems to have suffered like never before in politics. Complaints were filed in the Justice for the alleged sale of positions on her lists. Added to the bookstores was her release of her unauthorized biography, “El Loco,” by Juan González, which describes unknown events in her life, and strange habits, such as the adoration she claims to have of her dogs, and also mystical experiences that he shares with them and with his sister Karina.

All added to the street insults that he claims were “armed”, as reported. And to the criticism that he continues to receive from President Alberto Fernández himself, who describes him as the worst “right.” The president ruled out an electoral victory for the libertarian, describing that possible electoral result as impossible because, according to what he said, he does not believe “that Argentina will go crazy.”

Massa discredited him, describing him in an interview with C5N as “a character” that generates “attractiveness” because he appears “disheveled and screaming.” To later refine, arguing that Milei’s electoral platform would plunge the country into a catastrophe: “We lack teaching to tell young people that there are those who want to go back, to a stage in which the University is paid, the hospital is with a bonus or check, or they believe that retirement is an expense.”

Milei responded, with her usual “rage” in the networks, the ecosystem in which she feels most comfortable, just like in the media, with some exceptions: “Choose the time, the place, the moderator, and fill it with militants. I am going to explain to him why his model has been destroying the country for a hundred years while you politicians benefit.”

Milei is convinced that everything that has happened in recent times, the negative, did not harm him with his voters. Those who advise him repeat that there are thousands of people who usually follow him every day on his different walks.

“They are votes,” repeats Milei. He gives an example, as this newspaper learned: every time he arrives at the airport to take a flight, it takes an average of three hours to reach the boarding gate due to the enormous number of followers who speak to him, ask for photos, praise him.

Milei believes that he will work in the elections as a catalyst for the anger of a part of society with politicsa phenomenon that did not occur with the “that they all leave the crack of 2001”.

Milei’s teams say they have measured that, adding all the replicas, reproductions and views of what is uploaded to their networks, they add up, in audience compared to television, 580 rating points. The calculation is difficult to confirm.

Regarding the economic situation, the pre-candidate affirms that the fiscal and monetary imbalance and the lack of reserves of the BCRA combine the most negative political and macroeconomic scenario of the last decades and that its consequences will soon be suffered.

Still, he is convinced that the ruling party will reach an agreement with the IMF.

He describes Massa with a conceptual phrase: “He is the candidate of the critical moment of stochastic dominance suffered by the ruling party.” This means that he believes that the minister and candidate manages with specific but unpredictable objectives and motivated by chance.

Clarín was able to know that Milei minimize the effect of successive defeats of their pre-candidates, if they had any, in the provinces that already went to elections and in which LLA failed.

“They are split elections of the general elections, in the PASO and in October I will surprise”, he enthuses in private, and usually asks a rhetorical and very symptomatic question of who he listens to in politics: “Do you know who lost eleven split elections before winning the presidential election?” And he answers: “Mauricio Macri”. How does he know? He told her.

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