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Miguel Bosé: “Success is poisonous. You have to be careful”

Spanish singer and actor Miguel Bose warned this Sunday that you have to be “careful” with success since it is “poisonous”, while stressing his role as the popular “first idol” of the Spanish Transition, during his participation in the Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL) to present his book “Secret history of my best songs”.

In an interview with EFE in a hotel in Guadalajara, Bosé was relaxed commenting on the book that brings together the situations behind his sixty best songs, including hits like “Sevilla”, “Super Superman” or “Amante Bandido”.

“It was a necessary book, one of the pieces of an operation that began with ‘The Son of Captain Thunder’, the autobiography, which continues with the series that is being broadcast now. The series is very musical. I present this book as an endorsement, but it was also a very old promise to the fans who had been asking for decades for me to tell the true stories of each of the songs, ”he explained.

For Bosé, 66, who has sold millions of records around the world, preparing the book has been a “caving” task. “I have had to go back in time, look for notes, ask people. Whoever enters here has to be willing to be disappointed, and it is not under my responsibility, ”he stressed.

B.osé is one of the stars of FIL Guadalajara 2022, the most important literary fair in the Spanish language, which this year brings together authors such as Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Leonardo Padura, Irene Vallejo and Sergio Ramírez.


The book touches on several of the key themes of his artistic career such as freedom, desire and success. “Success is poisonous. You have to be careful. And all the substitutes: popularity, fame, all the words. I came with more muscle, because I came from a family that was already famous, that was successful. But even so, when it touches you personally, the last of the shoe changes. The life you had lived is not similar to the one you have to live ”, she maintained.

He also recalled his battles with the recording industry due to his continuous changes in style and obsession with breaking the mold. “For the record company I was a problem. They would say to me: ‘Man, you manage to establish a style. And suddenly you get fed up, you give a pen, you go on to something else. This is not how you approach a career, you’re crazy, you’re going to be left alone,’” she stressed.

For this reason, he said, the continuous clashes for not following a “traditional” and “continuity” trajectory. “I was nothing like that. I was born as the first idol of a generation in a transition that has no idols and those that were there were people like Raphael or Julio Iglesias. This need for constant search responds to the fact that I live life only once. It is mine, I manage it as I please, ”she added.


Settled in Mexico for years, Bosé considered that Spain lives in a “complicated” situation and “from the outside it looks even more complicated, I was there this summer, and the degree of misinformation is brutal, beastly.”

“There is an official bloc and nothing else. People do not know and do not search. In Mexico, the range of information is much greater, although the networks offer communication alternatives, ”said Bosé, who became a controversial figure during the pandemic due to his skepticism about vaccines.

About his role as a reference and spearhead of the social vanguard through the defense of individual liberties at the end of the Spanish dictatorship, he is ambiguous.

“The way in which we faced the problems that are being debated today was different. It was an immense activism, but very natural. With the (Franco) regime we were dealing with, we couldn’t be very explicit. The difference between before and today is the difference that exists between harassment, which is what is done today, and seduction, which is what was done yesterday, ”he asserted.

Finally, he noted that he is working on a new album. “I have eleven songs. I hope to release the album by the end of next year, and I’ll do it in Mexico, of course, it’s my biggest market”.

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