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Michel Richard – Emmanuel Macron, repairer for all trades

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CHRONIC. It is not a very glorious qualification. But, for that, we can already applaud him, in the absence of having refounded France.

By Michael Richard

Emmanuel Macron, September 21, 2022.
Emmanuel Macron, September 21, 2022.

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To four years of his presidential curtain down, Emmanuel Macron is concerned about the trace he will leave in history. All presidents care. Most (all) leave frustrated, leaving a record that is not up to their initial ambitions.

It is obviously premature to imagine what Macron’s footprint and image will be after two terms. He has not said his last word and his perseverance on pensions clearly shows his stubbornness for reform.

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All the same, did he carry out the revolution advocated by the young and unexpected candidate of 2017? Has he succeeded in transforming the country as he dreamed of, uprooting it from its cultural gangues and purging society of its undue rents…

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