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Mexico dies on the shore

The selections of Mexico and of Saudi Arabia they said goodbye to the World Cup in Qatar this Wednesday, a tougher goodbye surely for El Tri, who despite winning 1-2, was one goal away from getting a ticket to the round of 16, which went to Poland.

The Aztec team could not attend their appointment on time with the first crosses. After passing the group stage in their last seven appearances, this time they paid dearly for their poor performance in their first two games and although they played a great game against the Green Hawks, in the end it was not enough to be in the top 16. Gerardo Martino’s men had many, and good, chances, especially after putting on 0-2 at the start of the second halfbut in the end they drowned on the shore before a rival who did not present the expected battle.

It was a hectic match. Mexico forgot about the precautions taken and their discreet football in their two previous games and with an eleven retouched compared to the defeat against Argentina and, above all, a lot of intensity, they came out determined for the game against an opponent who showed some nerves and that although he tried, he gradually deflated.

The ‘Tri’ quickly warned of his intentions and his offensive improvement. vega, after a great pass from ‘Chucky’ Lozano, stood up to Al Owais, but could not beat the fast Saudi goalkeeper one-on-one. The ‘Green Hawks’ knew how to reply through Kanno, especially with a free kick from Kanno.

But from there, Gerardo Martino’s team imposed its need and took control of the clash, although it lacked more success and mettle in the final meters. Orbelín Pineda, one of the novelties, had the two best options, while Hervé Renard’s men suffered and without even going against it.

Despite this, in the final stretch, they were able to step on the area of ​​Memo Ochoa more and Al Hassan enjoyed a good opportunity with a header that went close to the Mexican goal. At halftime, a goalless draw, as in the Argentina-Poland game, which kept both alive.

mexican hurricane

But everything changed after passing through the locker room and in both games the goals came. Argentina scored at minute 46 and almost instantly, Mexico entered fully into the fight to be in the round of 16. Henry Martin nailed an extension of César Montes’s spur to the net.

Shortly after, Luis Chávez signed one of the goals of this World Cup, with a sensational free-kick with his left foot against which al owais he could not do anything and that he practically buried the Saudi options and increased those of the ‘Tri’, who launched with everything for the third that would allow him to overcome Poland, who also fit the second.

The Mexican team unleashed a hurricane of play and touched on several occasions the 3-0 that then prevented it from being eliminated by the best ‘fair play’ in Poland. The ‘Chucky’, Martin, another great foul by Chávez with a better response from Al Owais, Pineda and a very clear one from Raul JimenezMartino’s last ‘bullet’, did not find the goal.

The drama and the tension began to grip the legs of Mexico because time was already beginning to go very fast and against them. Saudi Arabia did not put up too much resistance and left spaces. Lozano, in another foul, and a drive by Kevin Álvarez who did not find a finisher were his best options before the cold water jug ​​of Al Dawsari’s goal in the 95th minute to which he could not react.

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