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MERC model will tell how much your life is left after heart attack and how it can be increased

How long can someone live after a heart attack? It can have an accurate graph. And if this is known, then this danger can also be avoided with regular precautions.

Mohit Gupta, Cardiologist, GP Pant Hospital, said- “We get a complete graph which tells us what are the chances of this patient to be alive within a month and how many are of death. And what factors contribute to being alive. What other factors contribute to death? Both the factors become clear in front of us.

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This model has been prepared after studying 4000 heart attack patients in the last 2 years. And it gives information about the patient’s condition in a few minutes based on 31 parameters.

There are 13 to 14 lakh heart attack cases in India every year. Photo Credit: iStock

This study has also been published by the International Journal of Cardiologists.

Anubha Gupta- Engineer IIT said- “It is made for the use of doctors, inside this we have made this model available online. Any doctors can use it. It has such features that you have to tell whether the patient has sugar, is suffering from hypertension. What does smoke Do physical activity or not, what is gender, what is age. Have you ever had a heart attack before?

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There are 13 to 14 lakh heart attack cases in India every year. About 4 lakh people do not survive in this. Every day about 1100 people die of heart attack.

Due to changes in lifestyle, now 20 to 30 patients in every 100 heart attack patients have started coming between 18 and 35 years. In the changing times, it is necessary to take more care and caution in the midst of the increasing fear of disease. In such a situation, this model is a step towards a new possibility of saving lives.

VIDEO: MERC model will save lives of patients, age after heart attack will be known

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