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Melvin Ayala on Daddy Yankee: “If there is something I have always wanted since I was little, it is to sing with my brother”

If there is something that the music singer sacred to the urban style Melvin Ayala hopes is that one day he can record a song with his brother, the one whom the world calls “daddy yankee”, “DY” or the “Big Boss”. For him, she is simply his brother, that person with whom he is united by an unbreakable blood bond, whom he respects and admires.

Only two years apart, Melvin and Raymond -first name of the interpreter of the popular song “La Gasolina”- have always been very close since childhood, one that, according to what they say, is full of beautiful memories, which places them in the home where They grew up in Río Piedras. It was there where they played, slept and played sports together, as well as where Melvin saw him grow up in music.

Already in their adulthood, they always try to stay connected, and as brothers often do, they support each other and give advice to each other, even when their respective musical careers place them in different destinations.

“The meeting point is always our mother. We agree and that is the meeting point for us for many years, even if one is for one country and another for another, but we have never stopped being connected. We talked to each other on the phone, we sent each other messages and we tried to make sure we were okay. All those things are what bring you closer to your family and keep an eye on them, that way we keep in touch all the time,” he told El Nuevo Día, while he joked that the only time they have rivalries is when they sit in his house to talk about sports.

As a faithful believer that “God’s timing is perfect”, he establishes that the release of the song “Amor de Hermanos” -which he is promoting as part of his sixth musical album “Your servant pa'”- should come out at the right time, for the message that it carries of love to the brother beyond blood, to the neighbor.

“It happened at the right time. If we look at what is happening worldwide, what is happening with human beings and the tragedies that are happening in schools, these are things that touch your spirit. If people understood the power of true love, genuine love, we wouldn’t leave for the last thing to tell people ‘I miss you’, ‘you are important’, ‘I need you’. All those things when you let them out, show them affection and tell people how important they are, people begin to understand and many of them change. That is what I am trying to do, ”she said in reference to the single, with which he also lets it be known how proud he is of all the achievements of his brother.

The fact that the theme, composed by Melvin along with Q Killa and Flaming Fire, was released simultaneously with the announcement of Daddy Yankee’s musical retirement, ensures that it was not a coincidence either.

“A curious fact is that when I presented the subject to my brother, which was before he gave the news (of his retirement), I did not particularly know that he was going to retire. When I show it to him, the song was titled ‘Icon’ and he was the one who really named the song “Love of Brothers”. He put it on to focus on the love of God through us, the family, the brothers, to reach people. It is very valuable because I did not know it. That’s why I tell you, God’s time is perfect, because when He mentions it there is that I was able to get the song, “he explained while he lets it be known that Each of the verses that appear in the song are very significant not only because they contain references and choruses that connect with the trajectory and successes of “El Jefe”, but also because they were songs in which Melvin was part of his creative process, including “My funeral.”

While the sacred music singer points out that his brother’s retirement from music after some three decades of experience is well deserved, he reveals that he hopes one day to be able to record a song with his brother.

“That has always been there, that is my faith. My faith is always that I can do something together with my brother. What he explained in ‘Amor de Hermano’ is the same thing, that I don’t see DY, but I see my brother. And if there is something that I have always wanted since I was little, it is to sing with my brother. The moment has not yet been given, but already this song is like a door that is opening “added the artist, who for this album that includes 11 songs had the collaboration of his 12-year-old eldest son, Asbel Yalell Ayala.

Having your own musical career, does it affect you that they refer to you as “Daddy Yankee’s brother”?, we asked him. “Well, look, no, because when you have your own identity in God, you know what you are. There are people who will see you as Daddy Yankee’s brother to reach certain people, certain individuals, you will recognize. The Bible is very clear that by the fruits you will know them. But, it has never bothered me because God has given me my own identity since I was very young and I understood that this is something I have to live with. You have to know how to play and it’s not playing badly, but understanding that there are doors that are going to open for you and there are others that are going to close, no matter what it is. God has given you the identity for you to recognize those things,” he replied.

His conversion and the music

Although the album “Tu Siervo Pa’” serves to celebrate his 14 years of celebrating the ministry in the world of Christianity, Melvin assures that, as a Christian, he does not retire. Having so many opportunities in the musical world and also having the influence of his brother, he chose to go for the Christian music side.

Since he converted to Christianity at age 17, when his brother took him to church, his mission has been to preach at all times. “I am a full time preacher in what is the Bible”, mentioned the vocalist, who has had the opportunity to take his music and visit Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Costa Rica and North America, including Canada.

For the singer, father and also teacher, God has always been his center. “When I decided to sing, having thousands of opportunities, I decided to do it for God, because the focus is to bring a good message to youth and to the whole world, which can be inspiring and that lives change through it. That is the greatest satisfaction of a human being, to see someone change and change for God. We Christians never back down. We can be 85 years old and we always have to minister and do many things. Musically, perhaps one will not do many things, but right now there is no retirement, ”he added.

Next month, Melvin will be out to perform at various events in various neighborhoods in the Dominican Republic, in addition to recording a video. After that, he will begin his “Tu Siervo Pa’” tour, with which he will be visiting Colombia, Bolivia and several South American countries.

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