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Meloni’s double recipe to achieve power in Italy

The leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni / Vincenzo PINTO / AFP

Favorite for the elections on September 25, the conservative candidate alternates “common sense” proposals with a strong hand with immigration

DARIO MINOR Special delivery. L’aquila

With the peace of mind that leads the polls with close to 25% in voting intention, Giorgia Meloni faces the campaign ahead of the elections to be held in Italy on September 25 with the ambition of monopolizing the conservative electorate and showing that his party, Brothers of Italy (HdI), has left behind its post-fascist origins and is a modern and democratic political force.

Not frightening the voters of the moderate right constitutes the great objective with which Meloni hopes to become the next head of government of Italy, although at the same time she tries to galvanize the most radical voters by guaranteeing that her pulse will not tremble at the time to tackle hot topics like immigration. In this way, she intends to consolidate her leadership, which is predicted by the polls among the conservative bloc, which also includes Matteo Salvini’s League and Forza Italia, the party of the inexhaustible Silvio Berlusconi.

That dualism was very present at the rally that the president of HdI offered this Wednesday in L’Aquila, the city in central Italy in whose single-member constituency she is running as a candidate. With a great capacity for oratory in which she alternated moments of high voltage, in which she seemed on the verge of a heart attack, with others in which she appeared with the air of a statesman and some even in which she seemed like a comedian, Meloni got into the pocket to the militants and sympathizers gathered in a central park in this city hit by the 2009 earthquake that left more than 300 dead.

“These are sensible things, common sense”, he repeated over and over again when explaining some of the decisions with which he intends to “raise Italy again”, as he states in the slogan of his electoral campaign. He promised to reduce the tax burden, which reaches 47% and leads the State to “ask for the ‘pizzo’ to let you work,” he said, referring to the tax charged by the gangsters in the territories they control.


He also assured that he will relaunch the ‘Marca Italia’, defend national business excellence, promote meritocracy, promote the generation of clean energy and improve access to the labor market for young people. Those were her more moderate moments, when it was hard not to agree with her.

He kept the flamethrower to attack the left and the 5-Star Movement, his political rivals, and especially when it came to talking about immigration, the issue with which those attending the rally warmed the most. First, she harshly criticized foreigners who open businesses in Italy and who, according to her, “compete unfairly” with Italians because they do not pay taxes and then disappear. “Let’s see if the Chinese are going to find the Treasury among the 1,000 million Chinese!” He said loudly, later censuring the “good left” for having mixed “two matters that are very diverse”: refugees and the migrants. “The right to asylum is for those who escape from war. It is as it has happened with Ukraine, as we have seen with women and children fleeing. It is a very different image from the barges full of men who do not escape from war », she commented between applause and cheers from her followers.

The participants in the rally ended up delighted with Meloni. «She is the only one in this political scene who has clear ideas. All the other politicians are smoke sellers, they only tell lies », recounted Paolo Frizzi, a retiree from L’Aquila who came accompanied by his wife, Rosetta. “With Meloni Italy it will rise again, it is what we all hope for,” said the woman.

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