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Melissa Marty exposes herself to new ways of acting in the midst of a Hollywood writers’ strike

On May 2, more than 11,000 members of the Writers Guild of America went on strike for the first time since 2007. According to industry experts, the measure could immediately paralyze the production of many T.V. series and possibly delaying the start of new seasons for others to later this year.

With each passing day, the wave of discouragement envelops many of the professionals who are part of the film industry who are tired of waiting for a fair agreement between the union and the companies. Others have decided to open up to new opportunities linked to their passion. In this group is the Puerto Rican actress melissa marty.

“I have used the process to continue learning French. I started learning to play the guitar, looking for something to keep myself mentally busy and what to keep growing as an artist, and adding little things to my toolbox that I will use at some point,” said the first Puerto Rican to win the contest. Univision’s “Nuestra Belleza Latina” in 2008.

Even with how difficult the panorama in the Capital of Cinema paints, the model also emphasized that she supports the strike because “if an actor does not have good lines or does not have a good writer, or a ‘show’ does not have good writers, it is not going to to nowhere. That is why I mention that it is collaborative work, that is, one thing depends on the other and where one link fails, everything else fails”.

From court to a video game

On May 2 of this year, Marty went to his social networks to share with his followers how he gave voice to the character of “Valea” in the expansion of the videogame “Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shore.” To achieve this, the Puerto Rican, based in Los Angeles Californiaused the motion recording technique that is generally used to transfer the movements of live actors and animals to a digital model.

It should be remembered that the actress closed 2022 with the role of “Camille Vasquez” in “Hot Take: The Depp/Heard Trial”, the film by tubea plataform streaming US.

In virtual interview with The new day, the television presenter mentioned that this was not her first experience with the “MoCap”. At the beginning of last year, a well-known video game production house hired her to give life to a character, but the game never came out. Two months after the launch, she said, the product was cancelled.

“I mean, I suffered because in that game, the character was going to have my face. I went through the whole image capture process, which is a really ‘cool’ thing,” she said.

Who also occupied a place in the semifinalists table in Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2008, compared the set recording with a cage that has more than 120 cameras. With a digital tablet in hand and without moving, you will begin to see different faces that you will have to repeat. In this way, through captures, your avatar will be created.

“That’s why in my ‘post’ I put: ‘It’s creativity at its best’, because seeing these video games and having the opportunity to work on them…, my husband is a ‘gamer’ and he was well ‘pompiao’ because I was going to be in that video game and then it was cancelled, it was a disappointment. But this other opportunity is given and he was already playing this game, ‘Horizon,’” he explained.

For this project, which Marty describes as “one of the most amazing and fun work experiences I’ve ever had,” he used only his voice. The Puerto Rican actress, in the same way, stated that the above does not make acting easier.

“I consider it a little more difficult because when you are with another person on stage you have that person’s energy, the body language that tells you a lot. So one is nourished by those things too, ”she clarified.

Grateful for your voice

In order to defend the Spanish language and grateful to have been born in a Spanish-speaking country, the artist confessed that currently her main source of income is found in the creation of “voice overs”. Along these lines, Marty advised and invited to perfect vocal techniques because “more talents are needed to dedicate themselves to this.”

I am a faithful supporter that when you know more languages, one must defend their language. It creates a lot of anxiety when someone says: ‘Spanish doesn’t matter’. It’s so important to me, it’s an integral part of my upbringing and who I am. That’s why I started doing ‘voice overs’ because they needed talent that spoke Spanish and could have the famous ‘neutral Spanish’ that I perfected while at Univision and well, I started with commercials,” she added.

Today, the Puerto Rican is the voice of commercials for Toyota in Spanish, TJ Maxx and Johnson’s Baby. With the crisis caused by the pandemic of COVID-19the writers’ strike in Hollywood and the possible integration of the actors, the interpreter finds it “incredible” to receive so many opportunities thanks to her voice, an instrument for which she is grateful at every moment.

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