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Mazepin breaks his silence: “They have broken my dream without warning, I could run under a neutral flag”

Nikita Mazepin He has broken his silence on Wednesday morning, and he has done so from Moscow, the capital of the country whose actions against Ukraine have cost him, like so many athletes, a break in his sports career, and in his case a hasty exit from the Formula 1. The Russian pilot has made it clear that there was no legal reason for the Haas team to end his contract and that they have ended his dream suddenly and without warning.

Mazepine, from 23 yearshas expressed his bitter personal sporting moment, in which he feels like a victim of what happened, and has announced the creation of a foundation (‘We compete as one’) that brings together athletes who have been separated from their careers for these reasons and have no defense.

“There has been no legal reason for the team to have terminated the contract from the moment that the FIA ​​let us race with a neutral flag, and I agreed to be neutral and wanted to sign a letter to do so, but they haven’t given me time, I ran out of the dream I fought for 18 years of my life and without defense for it”, affirmed the pilot.

In terms of conflict, Mazepin maintains that it is seen differently in Russia: “First of all, I want to say that I understand that the world is not as it was two weeks ago. This is an extremely painful moment for both you and me. People who are not here see it from a different angle. We in Russia and Ukraine see what happens on many other levels.”

The Russian claims that learned of his termination of contract through a press release: “I haven’t spoken to Guenther Steiner since I left Barcelona on the third day of testing. Gunther didn’t give me any information about what decision the team would make. And then came the press release: I read it and found out that my contract had been terminated. “.

The FIA ​​allowed him to race, which is why Nikita does not understand the decision of the American team: “I planned to race as a neutral athlete. The FIA ​​allowed it. I didn’t have a problem with that, but the night before my contract was up, additional directives came out and when we started looking at them, I got a message. the next morning that they canceled my contract. I got fired”

Mazepin has also responded to questions about his replacement, Pietro Fittipaldi: “I wish all the best to the drivers who will replace me. They have nothing to do with the existing situation.”

Finally, the pilot does not close the doors to the maximum competition: “Formula 1 is not a closed chapter for me. I’ll be ready to race in case there’s a chance to come back.”

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