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Máximo Kirchner met the Buenos Aires PJ with leaders of ‘Albertismo’ for the distribution of positions

With Alberto Fernandez and Cristina Kirchner with the dialogue still cut off, and the last reunion two Fridays ago in Tecnópolis as the only postcard of unity in three months of crisis, the head of La Cámpora, Maximo Kirchner, met this Tuesday officials, leaders and mayors of Buenos Aires in the framework of the council of the provincial PJ, a summit that was attended by the ministers Gabriel Katopodis and Juan Zabaleta and the deputy Victoria Tolosa Pazincreasingly closer to the political device of the Province led by the son of the former President.

“Unity and Harmony”summed up before this newspaper an official who participated in the meeting and who, despite the null communication that still persists between the ruling couple, sees with some hope the increasingly fluid contacts between Kirchnerism and the leaders who still refer to each other in the Casa Rosada, such as the ministers of Public Works and Social Development and the deputy who led the ticket of the Front of All in the Province last year.

According to reports, the PJ council officially formed the 47 party secretariats at the provincial level, in which Katopodis stands out as secretary general, Tolosa Paz heads the area of ​​Relations with Mercosur and mayors, officials and leaders of Peronism and La Cámpora as Verónica Magario, Martín Insaurralde, Jorge Ferraresi, Mayra Mendoza, María Teresa García, Fernanda Raverta, Juliana Di Tullio and Fernando Espinoza, among others.

Distanced from the Casa Rosada since he resigned during the summer as head of the ruling bloc in the Lower House, and rejected the agreement with the Monetary Fund, Kirchner decided to base himself in Greater Buenos Aires and activate the Buenos Aires PJ as the main articulator of the provincial Peronist system. ahead of next year’s elections.

As this newspaper published, the head of La Cámpora then took refuge in the Province and even gave up the need to have his own offices in La Plata to animate the Buenos Aires gatherings: Tuesday’s meeting took place at the headquarters of the local PJ, in the center of Plata. The only property of the Justicialist Party in the province of Buenos Aires is the Gaspar Campos mansion, in Vicente López, which nobody uses.

Beyond the distribution of secretariats -a mere formality-, the meeting is confined to the thaw in relations between Kirchnerism and the leaders who still respect the presidential figure but who they got tired of asking Fernández -in vain- to convene a political dialogue table within the Frente de Todos. The area that the head of La Cámpora did implement in Buenos Aires territory with leaders from all sectors, with the exception of “Albertismo”.

Flanked by Magario and Mariel Fernández, mayor of Moreno, the PJ council also had the presence of Esteban Sanzio, Vanesa Siley, Omar Plaini, Humberto Bertinat, Walter Correa, Amira Curi, María Marta Guerra, Tomás Bozzano, Leonardo Nardini, María Laura Aloisi, Guillermo Santellan, Florencia Santout, Julio Alak, Andrés Larroque, Andrea Cáceres, Néstor Álvarez, Ayelén Durán, Marcelo Santillán, Hernán Ralinqueo, María Celia Gianinni, Alberto Connochiari, Alejandro Acerbo, María Sol Fernández, Juan Pablo de Jesús, Ricardo Casi, Iván Villagrán, Abel Furlán, Marina Moretti, Dulce Granados, Jorge Ferraresi, Karina Menéndez, Liliana Schwindt, Federico Otermin, Ayelén López, Ariel Archanco, Alejandro Dichiara and Macarena Kunkel.

The governor Axel Kicillo I was touring the interior of the province.

“If upstairs they don’t speak, you have to articulate downstairs”, explained official sources in reference to the break in the link between Fernández and Cristina Kirchner and the need to build bridges between leaders of one sector and another. And they added: “With unity it was not enough, but without unity it is not enough either.”

For example, more than a month ago Kirchner, Larroque and Insaurralde met in La Plata, in a reserved meeting published at the time by the newspaper La Nación, with Katopodis and Zabaleta. The Minister of Social Development later met with the former President in the Senate.

This Tuesday, in fact, before the plenary session of the PJ, Katopodis and Mayra Mendoza, targeted for weeks by a judicial investigation related to suspicions of corruption in their municipality with cooperatives, were shown together in Quilmes. Last week, Máximo Kirchner had been in San Martín, also together with Katopodis. The scenes, in recent weeks, are repeated.

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