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Mauro “N” is arrested for the femicide of Sofía Morales, a student from Prepa 4

The Attorney General of Mexico City (FGJ-CDMX) reported this Saturday, April 23, that Mauro “N” was arrested for the femicide of Sofía, a student at the UNAM High School 4.

According to the investigations of the capital prosecutor’s officethe detainee went to a party and allegedly offered three of the attendees an alcoholic beverage with cocaine, which caused two of them to lose consciousness and one to die of intoxication.

In addition, he explained that the young man is accused of femicide, attempted femicide and corruption of people under 18 years of age.

Mauro was arrested in the colony Juarez, Mayor Cuauhtemoc, with a valid arrest warrant and transferred to the Eastern Preventive Prison to continue with his criminal process.

The capital authorities reiterated that one of their priorities is to serve victims with a gender perspective, a differential and specialized approach, as well as to guarantee a new way to investigate crimes, with special emphasis on justice for women.

Sofia was drugged in a bar

On the afternoon of April 8, the minor attended her graduation party, but never returned home. First versions indicate that Sofia was intoxicated at the Marvelous bar, where after drinking drinks she fainted.

After this event, the student was transferred to a hospital, but arrived at the clinic without vital signs.

“My sister went out to a party yesterday, the first since the pandemic, and did not return. She apparently she was intoxicated. She opened an investigation folder for manslaughter and right now she is in the degree of femicide, “denounced Daniel, Sofía’s brother.

In turn, Gerardo Romero Partida, the victim’s uncle, assured that his niece was drugged and murdered in a meeting with her high school classmates. “The authorities want to make it look like culpable homicide and we have met a lot of resistance. This is femicide,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

The victim’s relatives reported the death to the Public Ministry of the Territorial Investigation Prosecutor’s Office in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office.

In this regard, the Girl Up UNAM group accused that three other minors were drugged and, so far, are hospitalized.

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