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Mauricio Macri met alone with Martín Lousteau amid tensions over the Buenos Aires election in which he will face Jorge, his cousin

Mauricio Macri and Martin Lousteau They met alone on Thursday morning amid public tensions between the PRO and the UCR over the internal elections in which the radical senator will face the Buenos Aires Minister of Government, Jorge Macricousin of the former president.

The meeting took place on Thursday at 9:30 in the morning, before Lousteau went to the Senate to take part in the failed session that ended in a scandal between the opposition and Together for Change over a regulatory issue.

As entrusted to Clarion sources aware of the meeting, Lousteau asked Macri that the Buenos Aires inmate should comply with what the Electoral Code says around the method of voting to define the opposition candidate who will go to the general elections to succeed Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

In this sense, what they propose from Buenos Aires radicalism is that the elections are concurrentwhich is an intermediate path between those that are made together and those that are unfolded.

This implies that you vote on the same day, but in two separate ballot boxes. In one, the President and national deputies vote and in the other Head of Government with a single ballot, which can be paper or electronic, or that can even be a ballot similar to the traditional one.

So, none of the candidates for head of government would be hanging from a presidential candidate. Neither Jorge Macri, who in case of being the only PRO candidate would go on the ballots of Patricia Bullrich and Larreta, nor Lousteau only accompanying Gerardo Morales and Facundo Manes, something that, taking into account the polls, would be unfavorable for the former ambassador to the US. .UU.

Mauricio Macri was shown with his cousin Jorge, in a sign for the candidacy in the City

That decision is in the hands of Larreta, who must define it when he signs the summons decree. As published by Clarin, this agreement is well advanced among the political forces of the City.

“It is a faculty that the Head of Government of the City has. Deciding if the election in the district is separate from the presidential one, even if it is the same day. And for that there is time until April 13”, they affirm at the Uspallata headquarters.

Close to Jorge Macri they reject this resource because they consider that the PRO candidates should go together, separated from the radicals.

What’s more, since he announced his decision not to compete in the presidential elections in search of his much-mentioned “second time”, Macri reinforced a claim to Larreta: that his cousin Jorge is the only PRO candidate for Buenos Aires head of government.

Hours before that, Emanuel Ferrario, one of the Larretista applicants had announced that he was leaving. And the Minister of Education, Soledad Acuña, and the Minister of Health, Fernán Quiros, are expected to do the same. The latter, who appears first in the positive image survey managed by Larreta’s entourage, is supported by Elisa Carrió.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Martín Lousteau, at the Usina del Arte.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Martín Lousteau, at the Usina del Arte.

As they trust the PRO, it is possible that a series of surveys will finish defining who will be the PRO candidate, a formula that was appealed to in Córdoba, where Luis Juez will run for governor again after Rodrigo De Loredo decided to step down. despite the technical tie that the polls showed

The possibility that there is more than one fighting within the party was already ruled out days ago by Larreta himself, who after a meeting with Macri stated in a public act: “We are going to have a single PRO candidate in the PASO of the City“.

From the toughest sector of macrismo they insist that the PRO cannot allow Lousteau to compete in the PASO, let alone do so with the support of the head of government. “Would you hand over your main district to the radicals?” is the ironic question that is repeated.

In parallel, the gestures of rapprochement and affinity between Lousteau and Larretism is evident. And the head of government does not hide it and shows himself in activities with the radical candidate, angering his internal partners.

“Lower Confrontation”

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta was shown this Wednesday together with Martín Lousteau and PRO candidates for the headquarters of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta was shown this Wednesday together with Martín Lousteau and PRO candidates for the headquarters of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

In addition, as Clarín was able to reconstruct, Lousteau told him that it is necessary to lower the level of public discussion within Together for Change, both locally and nationally, which has been growing for months, but became even more tense after the decision of the former president not to run as a presidential candidate.

“It’s not something that does people good,” he told him, adding that the best way to end it is by complying with the Law.

The truth is that the inmates within Together for Change are replicated in different provinces such as Mendoza, Tucumán, Salta, Tierra del Fuego and the City of Buenos Aires, where the PRO clashes with the UCR and these fights threaten the unity of Together for the Change, which has already been broken in Neuquén and Río Negro, to give just two examples.

In all the mechanics of the problems it is repeated: a candidate threatens to go outside JxC in disagreement with the provincial armed forces that often have strong interference from the leadership at the national level.

Thus, in Mendoza, Omar de Marchi flirts with the idea of ​​going as a pre-candidate for governor outside the structure of Together for Change, and not confronting the radical Alfredo Cornejo, who will seek to govern the province, with a strong anti-Kirchner profile, as his successor. by Rodolfo Suárez.

In Tucumán, an agreement between the parties saved the cambiemitas from a rupture, when Germán Alfaro declined his intentions to seek the governorship, leaving the radical Roberto Sánchez as the only candidate, whom he will accompany as vice. The key that unlocked everything was that the candidate in San Miguel will be his wife, Senator Beatriz Avila.

Different are the cases of Tierra del Fuego and Salta. In the southernmost province of the country, JxC broke up after the PRO’s decision to refuse to go to an internal one against the formula of the UCR, which will lead Senator Pablo Blanco as a pre-candidate for governor, in a formula with deputy Federico Frigerio, from developmentalism, as vice.

After several twists and turns including in the electoral Justice, the deputy Héctor “Tito” Stefani managed to keep the PRO seal for the PASO, but he will use it outside the armed opposition cambiemita.

The Salta thing is still unknown, because when everything seemed to be on track to guarantee the unity of JxC after a talk between Patricia Bullrich and Martín Lousteau, there were objections at the national level within the PRO that made the agreement shipwreck at times, which continues with final open.

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