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Mauricio Macri called to vote for Javier Milei because “he is an unknown” and questioned “the trajectory” of Sergio Massa

Mauricio Macri called this Sunday to vote for Javier Milei in the November 19 runoff because it is “an unknown,” in contrast to what happens, according to his vision, with Sergio Massa, whose career he strongly questioned.

Milei did not rule, he did not steal, he never lied and we don’t know what he’s going to do. The certainties are throughout Mass’s careerto. There is a lot of information there. He had and has a lot of power. The issue is to continue on this decadent path or, with all the fears that Argentines have always had to introduce a change, give an opportunity to someone who has no relationship with what has happened,” said the former president in the program. Journalism for Everyonewhich is issued by The thirteen.

Then, he carried out a detailed review of the political career of the current Minister of Economy. Among other things, he recalled his passage through “Menemism, Duhaldism and Kirchnerism”, his time with “a lot of power” in the ANSeS, his time as Chief of Staff during the first presidency of Cristina Kirchner and his subsequent intention to “finish with the gnocchi” and “La Cámpora”.

“I supported him, I gave him the place, he was first on the list and he won. He was the presidential candidate and it lasted ten minutes. When he lost, he approached Kirchnerism again,” he indicated, and to finish his extensive description he launched, no without irony, that “now suddenly it is a republican guarantee because he recites the preamble as Alfonsín did.”

In that sense, he stressed that in the last elections “63 percent of people said they want profound change.” “We do not want to continue with this decadent, oppressive, boorish and rude model. Crony capitalism,” she added.

“We have to continue doing an act of humility. We made a number of mistakes that led the young people to decide that the one who represented The change, from now on, is Javier Milei“he highlighted.

Mauricio Macri gave an interview to Jorge Lanata on the PPT program on El Trece.

It was in this context that the “humility” of Patricia Bullrich to “sit down and reconcile” with Milei after being left out of the runoff and, mainly, after suffering “serious personal grievances” from the libertarian, stood out.

“We are with the change,” he insisted, although he clarified that there are still “differences” between both spaces. “We did not become libertarians, our candidate was Patricia. We campaigned for her and voted for her. But it turned out that the change was divided into Javier, Patricia and the gringo Schiaretti and that it is an important majority,” she assessed.

In that context, he concluded: “I don’t think this discussion is Milei yes or Milei no. It is change yes or change no, and Massa yes or Massa no.”

“We understand that we are the change or we are nothing,” he said.

Mauricio Macri and the reasons for the defeat of Together for Change

In another part of the interview, Macri was asked about the reasons why Together for Change did not manage to access the runoff, led by its candidate, Patricia Bullrich.

He pointed out, in that sense, that “there are several theories.” “Because I was not a candidate, or because some say that I said late that I was not a candidate. Others say that I said it too early and the campaign was too long and hard. Others because I did not say that there was only one candidate, when I had no vocation or authority , nor nature (to do it). With five candidates I couldn’t say ‘this is this one,'” he explained.

Mauricio Macri listed "several theories" that may explain why JxC was left out of the runoff.Mauricio Macri listed “several theories” that can explain why JxC was left out of the runoff.

“Afterwards, because I couldn’t convince Horacio (Rodríguez Larreta) in a timely manner to get off. Many of us saw from radicalism and the PRO that the proposal he proposed was not what people saw. That blurred us and led Milei to remain with the image that he was the real change, when Patricia had a very powerful proposal for change,” he emphasized.

Macri questioned radicalism and called them “losers”

Macri also visited the studios this Sunday LN+. There he harshly attacked radicalism, whom he branded as “losers.” Specifically, he targeted Gerardo Morales and Martín Lousteau.

“Morales and Lousteau are a minority in radicalism and they lost. They are losers within the internal“, shot the former president.

And he added: “The majority of radicals have modernized, they have a different attitude when it comes to connecting with the world, how to liberate the economy, manage their provinces and cities and they are not burdened by these old ideas.”

“It was bad for Together for Change that Morales took the presidency (of the UCR), but it is not worth talking about them,” he said.

Despite this attempt at evasion, his criticism continued: “Morales never stopped being Massa’s partner. His deputies voted in favor of Massa and we had to act distracted to preserve peace within Together for Change. “They do not represent the feeling of radicalism.”

“They have to be honest, instead of hiding behind a false neutrality, which they are with Massa. “They believe that Kirchnerism is a better alternative to improving the change that remains, which is not ours,” she concluded.

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