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Massacre in Tulsa: Who were the four people shot to death at the Oklahoma hospital

A surgeon graduated from Harvard, a receptionist who loved going to watch her kids play baseball, a retired soldier who was in the Vietnam War and a doctor who decided to study medicine after suffering an accident. Those were the four people that Michael Louis shot dead last Wednesday at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, in the state of Oklahoma, United States.

After carrying out the slaughter, committed suicide. Before, he left a letter, in which he explained the reasons for his actions. As he explained, she entered the medical center with the aim of kill a surgeon he blamed for back pain suffering after an operation to which he had undergone. He also remarked that he would shoot anyone who got in his way.

That was how he entered the hospital, with a semi-automatic rifle that he had purchased shortly before the shooting, and killed the surgeon Preston Phillips, but not before shooting down a doctor, a receptionist and a man who was accompanying his wife on a routine check-up. After fulfilling his mission, he took his own life.

In the letter he made it very clear that entered the hospital with the intention of killing Dr. Phillips and anyone who gets in their way,” Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin said during a news conference.

Who were the victims of the Tulsa massacre: Dr. Preston Phillips

Dr Preston Phillips.

Preston Phillips he was 59 years old and one of the few black orthopedic surgeons in the country. In recent years he had specialized in spinal surgery, joint reconstruction and fracture treatment, as specified in his profile on the hospital center’s website. He also had advanced studies in organic chemistry, pharmacology, and theology.

I know graduated in 1990 from Harvard Medical School and completed his fellowship at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts. Later, she did her residency at Yale New Haven Hospital in Connecticut.

Last April, he performed surgery on Michael Louis’s back. He never imagined that, a month later, that same patient would kill him to gunshots in a medical room on the second floor of the building.

“He was a wonderful person, gentle and kind, always with an infectious smile and a kind phrase for everyone. He made the world a better place,” said Sandy Thompson, a friend she had met at a tennis club.

Phillips traveled annually with the nonprofit organization Light in the World Development Foundation, which had the goal of provide surgical services to the inhabitants of precarious areas from the United States and Africa. In mid-June, she was scheduled to visit Togo, West Africa.

Who were the victims of the Tulsa massacre: Dr. Stephanie Husen

Dr. Stephanie Husen.

Dr. Stephanie Husen.

stephanie husen48, grew up in Ponca City, Oklahoma, and was American football fan. More specifically from the Oklahoma Sooners. According to the Tulsa Police, she was a specialist in sports medicine.

Her ex-husband, John Reckenbeil, said that she decided to study medicine shortly after breaking his foot in a car accident that she suffered in the 1990s. It was then that she became convinced that she wanted to care for and help people, just as the doctors had done with her during her rehabilitation.

“She wanted to be that person who helped people improve and make sure they could have a great life even after a horrible injury“, he explained.

She earned her medical degree from Oklahoma State University in 2000 and then began her professional career at Greenville Memorial Hospital and Steadman Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas, South Carolina.

“She is there doing her job. She loved helping people and she has been ripped off this planet doing what she loved to do. She was the best doctor, she was the best person, she was the best wife,” she expressed.

Who were the victims of the Tulsa massacre: Amanda Glenn

amanda glen

amanda glen

Amanda Glenn was 40 years old., was a receptionist and also worked as a supervisor at Saint Francis Hospital. She along with her partner, Jonathan Glenn, with whom she had been married for 19 years, had two children: Gabe, 18, who had graduated from school two weeks ago, and Ian, 16.

He loved going to see them play on the baseball team of Charles Page High School, who released a sad statement after the tragedy: “She was on our Booster Club Board and selflessly served the boys and baseball coaches. She was the biggest cheerleader for both of her children and all of our children! Our baseball family is lost. But we want the Glenn family to know that we mourn you and we will be here to support you every step of the way.”

Jeremy Wolfe, a family friend, said that at the time of the massacre, Glenn told her husband that there was a shooter in the hospital, that she was scared and was going to hide under a desk. That was the last text message you wrote.

She was always smiling and happy, the type of person who never has anything bad to say about someone. She was always positive and full of joy. She was a wonderful person: loving, caring, funny, outgoing,” Wolfe said.

Who were the victims of the Tulsa Massacre: William Love

William Love

William Love

William Love, 73was a retired Army sergeant with 27 years of service, including a tour of duty in the Vietnam War. He had eight grandchildren and six great-grandchildren..

He was found dead in a room on the second floor of the hospital. He was a recurring patient at that medical center, but that day he did not have any appointments. Specific, he was accompanying his wifeDeborah, who had to have a general check-up, according to the daughter they both shared, Karen Denisa.

At the time of the shooting, he was inside an exam room with his wife. When he heard the shots, he immediately stood up and he held the door handle from the inside, so the shooter couldn’t get in, giving his wife time to escape. One of the bullets went through the wood and mortally wounded him.


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