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Massa and Cristina extend the ordinary elections to send the trial to the Court until after the runoff

Sergio Massa achievement extend the regular sessions of Congress with the intention of postponing the opinion of the commission of Deputies that is carrying out the impeachment process against the members of the Supreme Court of Justice after the runoff that will face him against Javier Milei.

The decision was confirmed this Monday through publication in the Official Gazette of Decree 583/2023 that extends the regular period of sessions until December 9. The measure has the signatures of the president Alberto Fernandez and the chief of staff, Agustín Rossiwho shares the formula with Massa.

The decision has the nod of Cristina Kirchnerwhich also needs to extend legislative activity given the impossibility of gathering a quorum to process the documents of judges and prosecutors.

Although the ruling bloc is trying to maintain the schedule they had set for the final stage of the prosecution process that began at the end of January against the president of the Court, Horacio Rosatti, and the three judges that make up the highest court; Juan Carlos Maqueda, Carlos Rosenkrantz and Ricardo Lorenzetti; the minister and candidate made an effort to close a conflict front after criticism from Juan Schiaretti and Roberto Lavagnato which Mauricio Macri also joined.

Strictly speaking, Massa had already anticipated in the middle of the week his intention to reactivate Congress after November 20 if he is elected president, first promising a project to modernize the State. But both the ruling party and the minister’s entourage did not give details about this proposal nor what other initiatives it would handle if the Unión por la Patria candidate finally prevails in the second round.

But with the endorsement of Cristina Kirchner, the Tigrense managed extend the activity of Congress until after November 30 when the regular period ends.

This is how he intends to stave off, at least until after the November 19 election, the ruling on impeachment to the Court.

The measure also serves the vice president who is increasingly difficult in the Senate to gather a quorum, due to the health problems of Rubén Uñac from San Juan, added to the impossibility of taking the oath of office for the replacement of Matías Rodríguez, who recently died.

Regarding the political trial of the Court, some versions also emerged that questioned that the massistas Ramiro Gutiérrez and Micaela Moran are going to sign the opinion promoted by the ultra K Leopoldo Moreau and Rodolfo Tailhade together with Vanesa Siley.

A judicial source warned that Gutiérrez, who is mentioned as one of the candidates to be Minister of Justice if Massa is elected, would find it difficult to meet with the Court’s judges if his signature appeared on the ruling. He would even leave him out of the unity government profile that the Tigrense promotes to close the political rift.

However, it is worth clarifying that this will not be an impediment for Kirchnerism to rule after the runoff, since it can replace the two massistas with other K deputies. Practice that it has been applying throughout the process to guarantee a quorum and advance against the Court.

For now, the concrete thing is that The commission is convened for Tuesday with the objective of awaiting the discharge of judges Maqueda and Lorenzetti, who did not send their response to the commission’s accusations. Rosatti and Rosenkrantz did do so and with strong criticism of the process carried out by the deputies. If they do not appear, which is the most possible option, the deputies will advance with the accusation report that they have already prepared.

Initially, the ruling party maintains for now its intention to issue an opinion between November 13 and 17, although everything will be subject to what the minister resolves.

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