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Mascardi: Patricia Bullrich asked to declare violent Mapuche organizations terrorists

In a criminal complaint, filed together with Ricardo López Murphy, he also requested that all the cases for seizures or attacks by radicalized Mapuche sectors be unified. This opened a national and international debate.

Leaders of Together for Change asked the Justice to unite all causes open against radicalized sectors of the Mapuche and declare terrorists to their organizations to try to cut off the financial and logistical support received by the usurpations in Río Negro. And so they opened a political and judicial debate with national and international scope.

The leader of the PRO Patricia Bullrich, the national deputy Ricardo López Murphy and the former number two of the Financial Information Unit (UIF) Maria Eugenia Talerico, with the legal sponsorship of Nicolás Suárez Colman They made that request to the federal judge of Bariloche, Silvia Domínguez.

For the complainants with the eight arrests this Tuesday, including the “machi” Betiana Colhuan, it’s not enough to stop the usurpations, damages, fires, injuries, repeated interruptions to routes and train tracks, cattle rustling, threats, intimidation and abuse of weapons.

They affirm that behind them are the Mapuche Autonomous Movement of Puel Mapu (MAP) or the Mapuche Ancestral Resistance (RAM) of Jones Huala, allied with the Arauco Malleco Coordinator (CAM) of Chile and, in addition, they have the support of sectors of Kirchnerism for the who identified by name and surname, among them the Montonero Roberto Perdía.

According to the complaint, to which he agreed ClarionIn the last dozen attacks, the members of the so-called “Lof Gallardo Calfu, who are represented by Blanca Gallardo, Sixto Gallardo and Américo Gallardo” would have participated or helped in their execution.

Also, “the Lof Millalonco Ranquehue, led by Marta Ranquehue and Laura Vera o Ranquehue” and “the Lof Che Buenuleo, which is a community headed and directed by Ramiro Buenuleo”, as well as the “Pu Lof Cusamen, represented or coordinated by the Mrs. Claudina Pilquiman”.

The RAM would be made up of “María Isabel Huala (Mother of Jones Huala); Felisa Curamil (Member of the Indigenous Participation Council); Luis Pilquiman (former Vice President of INAI); Claudina Pilquiman (Sister of Luis and Mother of Witness “E” in the “Maldonado” case and spokesperson for Pu Lof Cusamen), Nehuen Loncoman (Andean Zone Counselor of CODECI), Orlando Carriqueo (Anses UDAI General Roca and Coordinator of the Mapuche Parliament)” , among others. The president of the Neighborhood Council of Villa Mascardi told Milenium radio that last week “I saw Jones Huala with his son 25 meters from my house and I heard his voice”. Jones Huala is a fugitive from Chilean justice.

Pilquiman was arrested for transferring people to the intake in question in order to swell it. Currently “advanced investigation is processed and close to processing an Oral and Public Trial for his actions”, he adds.

In the complaint, it is stated that they would also “your material or financial contributions or logistics and/or advice, among others the group called “Second Independence Call” o “Call for National and Social Liberation” directed and led by lawyer Edgardo “El Negro” Soares (Lawyers’ Union Association) and Carina Maloberti (National Board of Directors of ATE)”. Always according to the complaint, they would also give help to “Ramón Duarte (MONAFE “Railways for Liberation”); Facundo Guillen (La Voluntad Group) and Roberto Perdía (Montoneros – OLP)”.

The brief ensures that the links between Mr. Diego Pereyra Cotaro (Advisor to the Senator from Río Negro of the Frente de Todos Martín Doñate) and the communities that we came to denounce would also be “known and public”.

Facundo Jones Huala extradited in 2018 to Chile. He is now on the run.

Likewise, they gave “all kinds of support (with acts within their competences – irregular recognition of rights in territories and with logistical support) by the former President and Vice President of the National Institute of Indigenous Affairs (INAI), María Magdalena Odarda and Luis Alberto Pilquiman”, respectively.

As there are several open cases in different courts against some of the same people, They propose to unify the cases.

“You cannot ignore VS that the dispersion of the cases is functional to the organization that challenges our rule of law and for this reason, it could request the inhibition of the magistrates acting in accordance with article 47 of the Criminal Procedure Code” to unify all the causes in Bariloche.

The complainants requested that the Financial Information Unit (FIU) register the “RAM, the CAM (Chile) and the Communities and persons identified herein, as terrorist Entities and Persons according to Decree 918/12”. It is as it was done during the government of Mauricio Macri with the Hezbollah accused of the 1994 AMIA attack.

They were based on the Inter-American Convention against Terrorism and the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism. Likewise, Argentina is a member of the Financial Action Task Force and should comply with Recommendations 5, 6, 7 and their interpretative notes.

If the judge eventually comes to request this categorization of terrorism from the FIU, she must also have the support of the government of Alberto Fernández. Then, It is an issue that will generate a great national political and judicial debate.

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