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Maryam challenges Imran Khan to show proof of ‘murder conspiracy’

Lahore, May 16 (Agency)

Pakistan’s top ruling party leader Maryam Nawaz has challenged that the government will provide more security to Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif if ousted Prime Minister Imran Khan shows evidence of an alleged “conspiracy to murder”. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s vice-president Maryam Nawaz’s remarks came after Khan claimed on Saturday that a “conspiracy” was hatched to kill her in Pakistan and abroad. Imran Khan claimed that if anything happens to him, people will come to know about the culprits through a video message, which he has recently recorded and kept in a safe place.

Prime Minister Shahbaz’s niece Maryam has cast doubt on Imran Khan’s sensational claims and asked him to release the video immediately so that appropriate measures can be taken. “If Imran shows the video in which he has recorded the names of those who conspired to assassinate him, we will provide him more security than Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif,” Maryam said at Kotla in Pakistan’s Gujarat district on Sunday. The senior N’s ​​leader accused the former prime minister of lying and said she would pray for Khan’s long life so that he could see the progress of Pakistan under the current government. She claimed, “I believe the video conversation is another lie and I guarantee to Imran that my father Nawaz Sharif has a big heart and will give more security for you than what is being given to our prime minister.” will make provision for

Imran again praises India’s foreign policy

Imran Khan said that no “powerful killer” in the history of Pakistan has been held accountable. “No arrests were made and no one was held accountable in the case of the judicial assassination of Pakistan’s first prime minister Liaquat Ali Khan, another prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and the plane crash death of General Ziaul Haq. Pakistan Tehreek-e The President of INSAAF once again praised India for its “independent” foreign policy. He said, “India is buying oil and weapons from Russia but America does not say anything on it because India is a free country. India is also doing business with Iran but the US does not object to this either.

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