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Martín Soria crossed paths with opposition deputies over the case of the Venezuelan-Iranian plane

The commission meeting convened in Deputies to deal with the reform of the Council of the Judiciary entered its final stretch and until then Martín Soria had successfully weathered the controversy generated by the government’s position regarding the case of the Venezuelan-Iranian plane held in Ezeiza. But it was there when the Minister of Justice crossed paths with the opposition deputies.

The macrista Waldo Wolff had consulted Soria on the subject in the middle of the plenary session of commissions, but he only received a gesture from the minister as a response. “It is of great interest to our block,” said the deputy in a second attempt to get a response from the Government to the controversy generated by the plane that landed in Argentina on June 6 and whose crew is being investigated for possible links to terrorism. .

“I don’t understand the sign that the minister who he laughed when we told him about the iranian plane“, continued the deputy, who was also a member of the DAIA board of directors, the political representation of the Jewish community in Argentina.

It was there that Soria took command of the commission meeting and asked to “put a little order”. “There are 20 people who make speeches that they end up talking about an iranian plane“, slipped the official to add, with a defiant tone: “When they want to question me I have no problem”.

In the background, Deputy Silvia Lospennato was heard warning: “I thought you were interested in the subject. Now you are not interested in terrorism.” To which the minister returned: “Let talk, go to the psychologist”.

“I have no problem answering what I came to report on. If they want to question me, I have no problem, but they invited me to speak about a bill,” continued the minister, who complained that they wanted to “fill the void with arguments that have nothing to do with it. “They want me to talk about another plane, they ask me to accuse: the name is Hezbollah and the surname is Iran,” the minister told the deputies.

The reference to Iran and Hezbollah did not go unnoticed, given that the Islamic regime and the Lebanese organization are accused of having participated in the attack on the AMIA and the Israeli Embassy, ​​which occurred in the 1990s.

“We all know it, the problem is that Argentine justice never found the culpritsSoria replied to the insistent claims of the opposition deputies. And to crown his intervention he charged against the press by pointing out that he says “nonsense from our government” for the plane held in Ezeiza.

The discomfort of the opposition deputies was reflected in the networks. Waldo Wolff described “bully and disrespectful” to the Minister of Justice. And in the post he complained that he “laughed” when he was asked to explain about the plane.

“I never saw a more bravado and disrespectful Minister. He told us that we said nonsense, called the deputies by name and laughed when we asked him for explanations about the plane,” said Wolff, who added: “Patota yes. No solutions.”

The end of the Justice Minister’s presence in Deputies bordered on scandal, especially when Soria said goodbye, thanking those who heard him. “Anyone who has any questions, we will answer them in writing,” he added.

Lospennato continued to complain while the Kirchnerist Rodolfo Tailhade, from the shared presidency of the meeting, told him: “Stop yelling junk”.


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