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Maripily Rivera vents to Patricia Corcino: “I don’t like being seen crying”

Since last March 13, when the Puerto Rican television presenter Patricia Corcino entered “The House of the Famous 4″the interaction with his compatriot, Maripily Rivera, it had been little. This, to a large extent, was due to the imaginary barrier that the businesswoman placed to “protect” the fourth Earth.

On Thursday, during the ninth “nomination gala” of the fourth season of the “reality show” of Telemundo, the model made the decision to disaffiliate from the room. After making it public, María del Pilar Rivera, the competitor’s first name, has been more talkative with the rest of the inhabitants.

The Mexicans Isis Serrath, Geraldine Bazan and Sylvia del Valle “La Bronca”, for example, are 3 of the celebrities with whom the 46-year-old single mother talks the most. This morning, however, the “Hurricane Boricua” had a sincere conversation with Corcino where both ended up hugging.

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