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Maripily Rivera manages to overcome her first nomination in “The House of the Famous 4”

Confident since her entrance that she had the support of her audience, the Puerto Rican model Maripily Rivera surpassed her first nomination and went out gracefully to meet again with the inhabitants of “The House of the Famous 4″.

“The category 5 Puerto Rican hurricane has arrived” Rivera shouted as he left the “nomination room” and before the incredulous gaze of the rest of the celebrities who little by little received the saved ones.

The The risky strategy of the Earth room to save one of the two nominees of the Water room, to try to eliminate one, worked, thus causing many reactions among the 20 celebrities who are still in play.

“You have the last word. “You are the ones who write this real life script.”commented the presenter Nacho Lozano addressing the viewing public at the start of the television program.

In the “nomination room,” Lozano directly asked María del Pilar Rivera, real name of the Puerto Rican: “Who do you think should be in your place tonight?”

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