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Mario Negri: ‘In this bid for political power within Kirchnerism there are no limits to choose what to throw with’

At a time when the inmates in the Frente de Todos seem to be more alive than ever, the head of the UCR bloc in the Chamber of Deputies, Mario Negri, considered this Saturday that in the ruling coalition there are “an unavoidable fracture“.

“In that bid for political power within Kirchnerism there are no limits to choose what to throw with. This aggravates the situation of a weak government, a weak country, an exposed fracture that puts the Government on a slide if it does not act quickly“, Negri pointed out, referring to a new chapter in the controversies that are unleashed in the ruling party.

In this way, the radical leader made reference to the declarations of the general secretary of La Cámpora, Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque, who made a post on social networks to show his anger at the “silence” of the Casa Rosada after the stones that They damaged the office of Vice President Cristina Kirchner this Thursday.

“It adds one more point to a fracture that, the day Máximo Kirchner’s resignation was notified (as head of the ruling Bloc in the Lower House), I said it was an unavoidable fracture. It is a fracture that is going to be projected in time, in different ways,” he stressed.

Speaking to radio Rivadaviaconsidered that President Alberto Fernández remains in command of the national Executive because “there are some union leaders who have given him the support“, and added: “There will also be some governors, but with silent support. No one gets to the forefront of that.”

“I think that he is lucky that the opposition is us, that we do not push. Now, giving governability is giving the government an opportunity to make the decisions it has to make. Us we are not co-government“, he pointed out.

Mario Negri affirmed that in the governing coalition there is “an open fracture that puts the government on a slide if it does not act quickly.” Photo: Federico López Claro

Regarding the half sanction that the bill of the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) received in the Chamber of Deputies, Negri highlighted: “Once in Argentina the default was applauded, this time we avoided default”.

“If we had all voted against, the abyss was that night. There is a very difficult road ahead, here nothing ends but a stage begins. The only thing that has been done is kick the ball to 2024, have a degree of oxygen, but not to be confused because there is no magic. I think inflation is going to be very high, I think the level of economic activity is going to struggle,” he predicted.

Lastly, the leader of Together for Change once again targeted the National Economy Minister, Martín Guzmán, whom he considered an official with “a very bad reading of reality”.

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