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Mario Ishii in Miami: in José C. Paz they went out to respond to the mayor’s viral photo

A trip a week ago became relevant this holiday Friday and sparked controversy. The photo of the mayor of José C. Paz, the stainless Mario Ishii, went viral. near a pool in Miami, United States, and from the community chief’s environment, they came out to answer the “accusation.”

“The mayor of José C. Paz Mario Ishii traveled to Miami last week to sign an agreement for UNPAZ. In the image he can be seen very focused on the issue,” journalist Jonatan Viale published. The photo immediately began to multiply on social networks. The suburban baron is seen on the edge of a pool, relaxed.

He went six days to a couple of meetings. He already had the ticket purchased “, they explained from the community chief’s environment that he was elected mayor for the first time in 1999 and only released the municipality between 2011 and 2015, when he left a bishop: Carlos Urquiaga.

Hours after the photo went viral, a statement with Ishii’s meeting in Miami appeared on the official website of the Municipality. Under the title “Ishii strengthens ties between UNPAZ and the University of Florida”, they detail part of the mayor’s activities in the United States.

“After a fruitful trip to the United States, the mayor of José C. Paz, Mario Ishii, returned to his work at the head of the Municipality after a 6-day leave. Ishii’s visit was marked by the search for agreements on matters of education for the National University of José C. Paz (UNPAZ) to twin the house of studies in La Paz with its counterpart in Florida”, they remark.

“One of the objectives of the agreement between the two houses of studies aims to include exchange of students, internships and scholarships,” they argue in the statement.

From the environment of Mario Ishii they came out to respond to the viral photo of the mayor in Miami.

And he continues: “The mayor of La Paz maintains a strong bond with the Miami authorities. For this reason, one of the main reasons for his visit was to strengthen the already existing ties, and that were reflected when Mayor Ishii received, years ago, the key to that city by Mayor Tomás Regalado”.

“We must also remember that it was in the state of Florida where Ishii received an Honorary Doctorate in Public Administration and Ethics from the Rector of CELA University Dr. Gabriel Kost. The municipality of José C. Paz was distinguished at the time by UNESCO to integrate the Network of Learning Cities.

From the surroundings of Mario Ishii they went out to respond to the viral photo of the mayor in Miami

From the surroundings of Mario Ishii they went out to respond to the viral photo of the mayor in Miami

After consultation of Clarion to the Municipality, it was Ishii himself who quickly tweeted a message similar to the one in the statement on his Twitter account.

Ishii and his trip to Russia and China with Alberto Fernández

In early February, Ishii was one of Alberto Fernández’s companions to Russia and China for meetings with Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. He was the only mayor who was in the delegation in Russia.

Upon his return, he made an unusual mistake when trying to honor the Ukrainian victims after the Russian invasion. “A minute of silence for the fallen in Croatia,” Ishii said at the time.

“In search of peace and for the fallen in croatia and the war that is taking place today with Russia, please have a minute of silence,” the community chief announced through microphones, before beginning his speech at the opening of ordinary sessions of the municipality

“In a world that is behind a war, which at this time thought that it would not be there anymore, in no way can the decisions of a leader cost lives. I totally disagree with wars,” he remarked in March.


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